September 12, 2020

Mysore ● Commonwealth Tier VI Light Cruiser 1940

Sept 12 2020
* Added Armour data.

Mysore Commonwealth Tier VI Light Cruiser 1940

A light Fiji-class cruiser built for the British Royal Navy. After refurbishment that improved the ship's AA defences at the cost of a reduced number of main battery guns, she was transferred to the Indian Navy and renamed Mysore in 1957.
Mysore Mysore Flag
The crest for Indian cruiser Mysore (formerly HMS Nigeria) depicted the mythological bird Gandaberunda, one of the symbols of the ancient Kingdom of Mysore.

Ship Name:   Mysore.
Tier,   VI (6).
Paper Ship:   No.
Class:   Light Cruiser.
WG Introduction:   Aug 27th 2020.
Status:   Premium Ship.
Base Value:     5500  Doubloons.
Resource Purchase:    Unknown.
Nation:   Commonwealth.
Permoflage:  Type 10 Free.
Current Status:   ST 0.9.9.


Hit Points:   30,600 hp.
Armour:   9-114 mm.
Citadel  Fore Athwartship:   38~51 mm.
Citadel  Aft Athwartship:  38~51 mm.
Citadel plating:   16 mm.
Citadel Armor Belt:   114 mm.
Citadel Deck:   9~38 mm.
Citadel Bottom:   30 mm.
Turret Plating:  51~102 mm.
Tonnage:   11,040 t.

3 x 3 152 mm/50 Mk XXIII:
Max Range:   14.0 km.
Reload:   7.5 s.
180° Turn Time:   25.7 s.
Dispersion at Max Range:   130 m.
Sigma:   2.0σ.


9 x 152 mm AP 6crh Mk IV:
Alpha Damage:   3100.
Ammo Type:   AP.
Shell Air Drag:   0.3297.
Shell Always Ricochet At:   60.0°.
Shell Detonator:   0.025.
Shell Detonator Threshold:   25.0 mm.
Shell Krupp:   2609.0.
Shell Mass:   50.8.
Shell Ricochet At:   60.0°.
Shell Speed:   841.0 m/s.
Shell Underwater Penetration Factor:   0.9.
Shell Water Drag:   10.0.

4 x 2 102 mm HE 35 lb.:
Range:   5.0 km.
Damage:   1500.
Chance of Fire:   6%.
Reload:   3.0 s.
HE Armour Penetration:   17 mm.
Shell Velocity:   811 m/s.


4 x 2 102 mm/:
Action Zone:   ~5.8 km.
Hit Probability:   90 %.
Damage Within an Explosion:   1120.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   75.
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   2.
5 x 2 40 mm:
2 x 1 40 mm:
Action Zone:   ~3.5 km.
Hit Probability:   90 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   230

Maximum Speed:   31.5 kts.
Turning Circle Radius:   610 m.
Rudder Shift Time:   8.6 s.
Propulsion: 72,500 hp.

Surface Detectability:   11.0 km.
Air Detectability:   6.4 km.
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   5.0 km.

Slot 1:   Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5 s.
Reload Time:    60 s.

Slot 2:   Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges:   3.
Action Time:   100 s.
Reload Time:   120 s.
Torpedo Detection Range:   3.0 km.
Ship Detection Range:   4.0 km.

Slot 3:   Crawling Smoke Generator:
Charges 3.
Dispersion time 10 s.
Consumable action time 90 s.
Reload time 160 s.
Radius 0.45 km.

IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released. 

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