September 30, 2020

Clan Battles: "Northern Waters" "Mercenaries"

0.9.9 - 0.9.10 Clan Battles 11: "Northern Waters"

From October 7 to November 23, the eleventh season of Clan Battles "Northern Waters" will be held.

Rules of the season:

Format: 7 vs. 7 playing Tier X ships
Restrictions: up to two battleships, or one battleship and one aircraft carrier per team
Rewards: up to 11,000 Steel and many other rewards
Maps: Islands of Ice, Sleeping Giant, Warrior's Path, North, Greece, and Northern Waters, in Domination mode
Season features: in the new Season, all maps may feature a cyclone

  • The cyclone settles over the sea at the very start of a battle. Players should choose the most appropriate tactics in response to the conditions.
  • Cyclones reduce the viewing radius of aircraft to 8 km.
  • At the fourth minute of a battle, the viewing radius of ships starts to shrink, too. After 30 seconds, it gets reduced to 14 km.
  • After 15 and a half minutes of battle, the cyclone will start to fade away. Its effects will vanish completely after a further 30 seconds.

Essentially, the cyclone is designed to reduce the reconnaissance potential of aircraft carriers in Clan Battles. The option to add a maximum of two battleships or replace one of them with one carrier will make team lineups and battle tactics in the upcoming Season more diverse. For example, it's possible that destroyers might prove to be a popular choice.


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Division Commanders now have the option to invite "mercenaries," i.e. players from outside their Clan or from other Clans, to join their Divisions for Clan Battles.

The new feature will allow Clan leaders to test candidates who want to join their Clans in real combat scenarios, or fill roster gaps without having to actually accept new players into the Clan.

  • To add a mercenary to the team, simply invite them to join your Division. You can search for players via the "Divisions" tab in the game client.
  • After a battle, the mercenary receives rewards based on the current league of the Clan they went into battle with.
  • The mercenary may also receive achievements and emblems for Clan Battles, based on the current league of the Clan they went into battle with.
  • However, the mercenary will not receive the associated economic bonuses of the Clan they fought for.
  • A mercenary from a different Clan will be able to enter battle during the Prime Time of the inviting Clan. The selected Prime Time of the Clan that the mercenary belongs to will not change.

During the "Northern Waters" Season of Clan Battles, only one mercenary can be invited to a Division.

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