Cachalot Tier VI American Submarine Stats Characteristics

Please Note! The stats for this ship are not final, and will almost certainly change during testing. 
When this ship is finalised and then released, the final stats information will be published here as "Final Stats" and on the official WG regional portals.

American Submarine VI Cachalot 1933

A relatively medium-sized submarine by U.S. Navy standards, Cachalot exerted considerable influence on the development of this type of boat in the U.S. Navy, becoming the predecessor of the "fleet submarines" that would come later.

ship details
Ship Name:   Cachalot
Tier:   VI (6)
Class:   Submarine
Type:   Special Ship
Ship Release:   ?
WoWS Devs Value:    icon ?*
Resource Purchase:    Unknown
Nation:   USA
Current Status:   *WIP (Public Testing)

Hit Points:   9900 hp
Overall Hull:   10 mm
Casemate:   19 mm
Tonnage:   1,650 tn

533 mm 4 x 1 Fore - 2 x 1 Aft/Mk22 mod. 1:
Reload:   87 s

Range:   10.5 km
Damage:   9750 hp
Speed:   64 kts
Visibility Distance:   1.3 km
Reaction Time:   7.81 s
Chance of Flood:   ~170%
Torpedo Type:   Normal

The main armament carried by submarines is torpedoes with acoustic guidance. You can launch an attack from any level, and submarine-specific mechanics—sonar pings—will help you increase the potential effectiveness of your torpedo salvos. Tag the bow and stern of an enemy ship with your sonar pings to help guide torpedoes to the target and deal more damage.

surface MOBILITY
Max Speed:   24.0 kts
Max Turning Radius:   590 m
Max Rudder Shift:   3.1 s
Propulsion:   2,770 hp

depth MoBILITY
Max Speed:   15.6 kts
Diving Planes Shift Time:   12.5 s
Submerge and Ascent Speed:   3.6 m/s

Surfaced:   4.9 km
Surfaced on Fire:   4.9 km
Surfaced and Pinged:   7.3 km
Submerged:   2.4 km
Submerged and Pinged:   4.2 km
Surfaced:   1.9 km
Surfaced on Fire:   1.9 km
Surfaced and Pinged:   2.9 km
Submerged:   1.0 km
Submerged and Pinged:   1.5 km
Always be aware of enemy destroyers and cruisers. Ships such as VI DallasVI Budyonny, VI Leander, and VI Perth,  carry depth charges. These weapons can hit submarines that are submerged. avoid staying in the same location for too long, and in case of danger, seek support from your allies.
Range:   10.5 km
Reload:   10.0 s
Action Time:   35 s
Ping Velocity Wide:   687.3 m/s
Ping Velocity Narrow:   1090.9 m/s
Battery Charge Consumption:   25 units
Watch your battery power and emit sonar pings carefully. Torpedoes can ascend from the depths and hit an enemy only with the help of an active effect from a sonar ping. If you run out of battery power, reduce your speed to 1/4 or ascend to the surface level to recharge it.
Emitting sonar pings increases your detectability. Be sure to consider this when you prepare an attack.
Charge:   570 units
Submerged Charge Rate:   4 units/s
Surface Charge Rate:   11 units/s
Submerged Charge Rate Whilst Moving:   3 units/s
Max Battery Charge to Enable Ping:   25 Units

Slot 1:  Damage Control Party:

Work Time:   5 s
Reload Time:   40 s

Slot 2:  Maximum Depth.
Charges:   2
Action time:   180 s
Reload Time:   180 s
Maximum Depth:   80 m

Slot 3:  Engine Boost.
Charges:   3
Action time:   120 s
Reload Time:   120 s
Speed Boost:   +8%

IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released.


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