May 12, 2020

0.9.4 & 0.9.5 Soviet Cruisers Early Access and Split Details (Updated)

Soviet Cruisers Early Access & Split


Soviet Tier VIII–IX heavy cruisers are coming to Early Access!

Features of the new Tech Tree branch

  • Effective AP shells with excellent armor penetration capabilities, good ballistics, fewer over-penetrations, and enhanced ricochet angles.
  • A relatively long reload time and special accuracy settings: the ships of the new branch have a larger dispersion ellipse at long distances in comparison to other cruisers.
  • The combination of their accuracy settings and the Surveillance Radar consumable they carry, which has a 12 km operating range, makes the new cruisers most efficient in medium-range encounters.
With the release of Update 0.9.5, X Moskva and V Kirov will be replaced in the Tech Tree by X Alexander Nevsky and V Kotovsky, respectively. VIII TallinnIX Riga, and X Petropavlovsk will become available to research in Update 0.9.6.

  • V Mikoyan, Early Access Soviet cruisers VIII Tallinn and IX Riga, and the Soviet permanent camouflage will be available in bundles that can be exchanged for Soviet Tokens. The bundles are opened in sequential order.
  • You’ll find Soviet Tokens in event containers that can be obtained by completing Directives or received from Daily Shipments. You can also earn Soviet Tokens by gaining victories playing cruisers VIII Pyotr BagrationVIII Ochakov, and V Mikoyan.
  • Completing all four Directives will reward you with the Soviet permanent camouflage for V Mikoyan.
  • VIII Pyotr Bagration and VIII Ochakov are available in the Armory in exchange for doubloons.

Update 0.9.4 sees the launch of an event dedicated to the Soviet heavy cruisers. The new ships will be available in Early Access on the live server only after the release of the Update.

* Rewards from Daily Shipments and for completing Directives: event  containers with a new temporary resource  Soviet Tokens.
* Reward for completing all Directives: the Soviet  permanent camouflage for V Mikoyan.
* Items available in the Armory in exchange for Tokens: credits, expendable camouflages, signals, and days of Premium Account.
* Bundles providing Early Access to Soviet cruisers are available in the Armory in exchange for Tokens. There are six bundles that are opened in sequential order. You'll find the following cruisers:

(1st Bundle) V Mikoyan  
(2nd Bundle) Soviet Arc 2020 camouflage for VIII Tallinn
(3rd Bundle) VIII Tallinn
(4th Bundle) Soviet Arc 2020 camouflage for IX Riga
(5th Bundle) IX Riga
(6th Bundle) Soviet Arc 2020 camouflage for X Petropavlovsk

Combat Missions
Cruisers  VIII Ochakov and VIII Bagration will be available in the Armory in exchange for doubloons. While playing these ships, as well as cruiser V Mikoyan, you can complete special combat missions that will bring you between 15–30 Soviet Tokens for victories in battles, depending on the ship. More details on combat missions are available in the game client.

Tier V Mikoyan

Tier VIII Tallin

Tier IX Riga

Tier X Petropavlovsk

Tier X Al Nevsky 

Tier V Kirov

Tier VIII Ochakov

Tier VIII Bagration

Tier V Kotovsky