March 17, 2020

Halland European Tier X Researchable Destroyer Detailed Stats

Stats Updated Mar 17th 2020
Please Note! The stats for this ship are not final, and will almost certainly change during testing. 
When this ship is finalised and then released, the final stats information will be published here as "Final Stats" and on the official WG regional portals.

European Destroyer eu flagX Halland

The largest and most powerful destroyers in the Swedish Navy. Their main advantages were their powerful AA defences and extremely rapid-firing main battery artillery.

Ship Name:   Halland
WG Introduction:   Dec 5th 2019
Tier:   X (10)
Class:   Destroyer
Type:   Researchable Ship
Ship Release:   Update ~0.9.3
Resource Purchase:    235,000 20.000,000
Nation:   Europe (Sweden)
Current Status:   *WIP (ST Testing)

Hit Points:   19,200 hp
Overall:   6~20 mm
Hull Aft/Fore:   19 mm
Hull Mid:   19 mm
Deck Fore:   19 mm
Deck Aft:   19 mm
Deck Mid:   19 mm
Superstructure:   13 mm
Turrets:   6 mm
Tonnage:   3,400 tn

main battery
2 x 2 120 mm 50 bofors m1950
Max Range:   10.4 km
Reload:   2.0 s
180° Turn Time:   7.2 s
V Dispersion at Max Range:   93 m
Hit Accuracy at 5 km:   76%
Hit Accuracy at Max Range:   50%
Sigma:   2.0σ

shell types

120 mm M1950 HE:
Alpha Damage:   1750
Chance of Fire:   8%
HE Armour Penetration:   20 mm
Shell Velocity:   825 m/s
Air Drag:   0.322
Shell Krupp:   480
Shell Mass:   23.5 kg

120 mm M1950 AP
Alpha Damage:   2100
Detonator Threshold:   19 mm
Shell Speed:   825 m/s
Air drag:   0.322
Shell Krupp:   2 400
Shell Mass:   23.5 kg

torpedo armament
2 x 5 533 mm Torped m1947
Reload:   100 s
180° Turn Time:   7.2 s
Range:   15 km
Damage:   10700 hp
Speed:   86 kts
Visibility Distance:   1.8 km
Reaction Time:   7.8 s
Chance of Flood:   ~173%
Torpedo Type:   Normal

aa defence
2 x 2 120 mm/50 Bofors M1950
Damage Within an Explosion:   1890
Damage by Long Range AA:   144 hp
Continuous Damage:   375 hp
Priority Sector Reinforcement:   35%
Hit Probability:   100%
Action Radius:   ~3.5-6.0 km
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   6
6 x 1 40 mm/70 Bofors M1948
1 x 2 57 mm/60 Bofors M1950
Damage by Mid Range AA:   347 hp
Hit Probability:   100%
Action Radius:   ~4.0 km

Maximum Speed:   35 kts
Turning Circle Radius:   660 m
Rudder Shift Time:   4.3 s
Propulsion:   58,000 hp

Surface Detectability:   7.6 km
Air Detectability:   3.4 km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   2.7 km

Slot 1:  Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5s
Reload Time:   60s (40s)

Slot 2:  Engine Boost.
Charges:   2 (3)
Action time:   120 s
Reload Time:   180 (120s)
Speed Boost:   +8%

Slot 3:  Repair Party.
Charges:   2 (3)
Action time:   14 s
Reload Time:   120 (80s)
Regenerated hp per Second:   +192 hp/s (Total hp regenerated per action 2,688 hp)

Slot 4:  Defensive AA.
Charges:   2 (3)
Action time:   40 s
Reload Time:   120 (80s)
Continuous Damage:   +50%
Damage from Shell Explosions:   +300%

IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released.