February 11, 2020

Cheshire Tier VIII Premium British Heavy Cruiser Stats


Cheshire Tier VIII British Heavy Cruiser

Located in the north-west of England, Cheshire is one of Great Britain’s historic counties. The tradition of naming warships in honor of counties was established in the Royal Navy in the 1900s.
UK FLAG British Cruiser UK FLAGCRUISERCheshire
A variant of the British heavy cruiser project, developed at the beginning of World War II and armed with 234 mm main battery guns.

ship details
Ship Name Cheshire Tier VIII (8)
Class  Cruiser (CA) Type Premium Ship
Ship Release
Update 0.9.1
Resource Cost 11,000 *
Nation Great Britain (HMS) Current Status Final
* WG Doubloon Value, is the Doubloon value that WG Devs decide is the correct value of each ship during testing (This can change). To get a rough idea of what the cash cost will eventually be for the standard bundles, go to "Premium Shop" then "Doubloons" then enter the amount of doubloons valued for this ship, you will see, roughly what the ship will cost once released.
Survivability Hit Points 42,500 hp
Armour Overall 16~229 mm
Armor Belt 152 mm
Hull Aft/Fore 25~38 mm
Hull Mid 25~38 mm
Deck Fore 25 mm
Deck Aft 25 mm
Deck Mid 30 mm 
Superstructure 16 mm
Turrets 120~229 mm
Torpedo Damage Protection   29%
Tonnage 20,232 tn
main battery
Hull Calibre Turrets x Barrels Max Range Reload 180° Turn Time Dispersion Sigma
234 mm/50 Mk XII
3 x 2
16.1 km
12.5 s
18 s
141 m
shell types
HE 234 mm 6CRH  HE AP 234 mm 6CRH  AP
Alpha Damage 3850 Alpha Damage 5750
Chance of Fire 24% Chance of Fire 0%
HE Armour Penetration 58 mm Detonator Threshold 39 mm
Shell Velocity 841 m/s Shell Velocity 841 m/s
Air Drag 0.279 Air Drag 0.279
Shell Krupp 560 Shell Krupp 2,400
Shell Mass 172.4 kg Shell Mass 172.4 kg
6 x 2 113 mm/45 RP 41 Mk VI
Range 3.0 km
Alpha Damage 1,600
Chance of Fire 7%
Reload 3.0 s
HE Armour Penetration 18 mm
Shell Velocity 746 m/s
Shell Mass 25 kg
torpedo armament
Hull Calibre Tubes x Torpedoes Reload 180° Turn Time Range
A 533 mm QR Mk II/Mk IXM 2 x 4 96 s 7.2 s 8 km
Damage Visibility Type Chance of Flood Speed
15,867 hp 1.3 km Normal 265% 61 kts
aa defence
Range Calibre Turrets/Guns N° of EXP Damage per Second Hit Probability Action Radius
Within EXP Radius Continuous
113 mm/45 RP 41 Mk VI
8 x 2
0.1-6.0 km
40 mm STAAG
10 x 2
0.1-3.5 km
20 mm Oerlikon Mk V
20 x 2
0.1-2.0 km
mobility & Concealment
Manoeuvrability Concealment
Maximum Speed 34.0 kts Surface Detectability 12.4 km
Turning Circle Radius 720 m Air Detectability 7.7 km
Rudder Shift Time 10.5 s Firing in Smoke Detectability 7.7 km
Propulsion 110,000 hp
Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 3
Damage Control Party Repair Party DEF AA Hydroacoustic Search
Work Time 5s Charges 1 (2) Charges 2 (3) Charges 2 (3)
Reload Time 90s (60s) Action Time 20s Action Time 40s Action Time 180s
Reload Time 120 (80s) Reload Time 120s (80s) Reload Time 180 (120s)
HP per Second +850 hp/s Added AA DPS +50%
Torpedo Detection 3.5 km 
Ship Detection Range  5.0 km