December 09, 2019

2019 Christmas Snowflakes

Christmas Snowflakes

In line with our traditions, ships of Tier V and above will feature Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Throughout Update 0.8.11, the first victorious battles with each of these ships will reward you as follows:

  • Ships of Tier V–VII will bring you 400-750  Coal.
  • Ships of Tier VIII–IX will bring you 75  Steel.
Ships of Tier X will bring:
Xmas and New Year 2020 Containers
Santa's Basic Gift Container x1 x2 x8 x20 
 300 doubloons
Coal 2,500 Coal
 10,000 Free XP
 30 days of Warships Premium Account
 4x New Year Streamer Camos
 4x Frosty Fir Tree Camos
 50x Zulu Signals
 50x Papa Papa Signals
 50x Zulu Hotel Signals
 50x Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
* This LINK has a List if Ships That Can Be Won