September 03, 2019

AA Credits Compensation Ship List World of Warships

In Update 0.8.7 WG changed the AA mechanics in our game. One of these changes made it so that only ships with long-range AA capabilities can make use of aerial explosions. Because of this, the "AA Guns Modification 1" upgrade has become ineffective on certain ships that don’t have a long-range AA defense zone.
Therefore, players will be compensated in the amount of 250,000 Credits for each ship in their port which both does not have a long-range AA zone, and has the "AA Guns Modification 1" upgrade installed.
Please note: Due to technical limitations, compensation will be credited automatically only for the eligible ships that have at least one battle played on them in the period between 30.01.2019 and 02.09.2019.
Compensation credited by: Tue. 03 Sep. 21:59 UTC

Eligible ships

  •   VIII Kiev
  •   V Siroco
  •   VI Aigle
  •   VII Jervis
  •   V Omaha
  •   V Gremyashchy
  •   VIII Le Terrible
  •   V Marblehead
  •   VII Minsk
  •   VIII Saipan
  •   IX Mogador
  •   VII Leberecht Maass
  •   VII Vauquelin
  •   V Acasta
  •   VIII Le Fantasque
  •   V Jianwei
  •   VII Leningrad
  •   V Jaguar
  •   V Okhotnik
  •   VI Guépard
  •   VIII Z-23
  •   VII Gadjah Mada
  •   VI T-61
  •   VI Gnevny
  •   VI Ernst Gaede
  •   VII Błyskawica
  •   VI Anshan
  •   VIII Cossack
  •   VII Z-39
  •   VI Fushun
  •   V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
  •   V Texas
  •   V New York
  •   V Marblehead Lima
  •   V Murmansk
  •   V Podvoisky