September 02, 2019

0.8.8 Unsinkable Sam: Ark Royal - Bismarck - Cossack Perm Camos and Containers including Siegfried Viking Nordic Camo.

0.8.8 Unsinkable Sam: Ark Royal - Bismarck - Cossack Perm Camos and Containers

the story:
On 14th February 2017, World of Warships told us the story of a cat, first nicknamed "Oscar" by the German sailors and then nicknamed "Sam " by British sailors.

There's hardly anyone in the world who wouldn't admire the luck this legendary cat had! Sam survived the sinking of three ships during World War II Bismarck, Cossack and then finally, Ark Royal, hence given him his ultimate nickname, Unsinkable Sam.

WoW Development team are bringing Sam back to life in Update 0.8.8.

New Unsinkable Sam Permanent Camouflages & Containers:
0.8.8 Camos & Containers
Ark Royal - Cossack - Bismarck.
That is how the ship looked when the legendary cat, nicknamed Unsinkable Sam, "served" there.
Unsinkable Sam Standard Container.
Chance of winning 1 of the 3 ships, Cossack, Bisamarck or Ark Royal?
Unsinkable Sam Premium Container.
Chance of winning 1 of the 3 ships, Cossack, Bisamarck or Ark Royal?

Also Datamined was a perm camouflage for Siegfried, called Viking "Nordic":
Siegfried Viking "Nordic" Camo
Siegfried Viking "Nordic" Perm Camo..
Quenched in the heart of the volcano, polished by seawater and wind..

What I also found, was a Siegfried Bundle, included in the "Paragon" bundles (The last ship in Paragon Bundles was Colbert). Paragon bundles at this time seem to be used for Research Ships, maybe I am wrong, but she would ideal  in order to persuade  more players to take up the tasks of using the Research Bureau.

Siegfried Paragon Bundle Contents:
Siegfried is a German super-heavy cruiser, designed between 1937–40. She was supposed to be armed with 380 mm guns, similar to those mounted on Bismarck-class battleships. Her guns are extremely powerful for a cruiser, and she can boast of her excellent speed characteristics and good survivability.
German Tier IX cruiser
  • Six 380 mm guns, similar in their characteristics to the main batteries of battleships Bismarck and Tirpitz. They are characterised by the immensely high damage their AP shells can cause for a cruiser, as well as their impressive firing range, but they have a lower rate of fire compared to the armament of other cruisers. Reload time—26 seconds.
  • Two quadruple-tube torpedo launchers. Their 6 km range can deliver a nasty surprise to enemy ships in close quarters combat.
  • Strong armour for a large cruiser and fine stock HP for her type and tier.
  • A wide selection of available consumables, including the typical German Hydroacoustic Search with a spotting distance of 6 km for ships and 4 km for torpedoes.
  • More credits earned in each battle, and a permanent camouflage that adds a bonus of +100% XP per battle and reduces the cost of your ship's post-battle service by 20%.
Commander with 3 skill points
Port slot

"Gift" Snowflakes:

One last thing was the "Gift" Snowflakes for World of Warships upcoming 4th anniversary celebrations.
Those of you played PTS 0.8.8, you may have already noticed the symbol at the bottom of each Tier X ship that you own on the carousel.
Rewards are given for the first win in the update - mechanics of bonuses for the victory are similar to the Snowflakes and Symbol of France. The most valuable rewards are available for victories on tier X ships.
There was nothing to confirm what prizes, gifts, or containers are in store for other tier ships.

0.8.8 Anniversary Gift
4th Anniversary Gift Container.
Unknown Contents!

IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP (Work in Progress), the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released.