August 16, 2019

ST, 4th Birthday Celebrations "Snowflake" Rewards World of Warships

Added: Aug 16, 2019

Added: 4th Birthday Celebrations. 

4th Birthday Celebrations "Snowflake" Rewards:

The 0.8.8 update will be dedicated to the 4 birthday of World of Warships. You can celebrate this day in the new port.

Rewards are given for the first win in the update - mechanics of bonuses for the victory are similar to the Snowflakes and Symbol of France. The most valuable rewards are available for victories on tier X ships.

We understand that those who decided to use ships to get research points may lose some rewards from them. That's why in the 0.8.8 rewards will be given automatically for all ships which have a bonus for victory for research points. If during the event you will research and purchase the ships for which you got your reward automatically, you will be able to get it second time.

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