August 25, 2019

Research Bureau Simple Guide World of Warships

UPDATED: Aug 25, 2019

Added:  Research Bureau Guide. 

Update 0.8.7 introduced a new progression system, the  Research Bureau. You will be able to earn a new resource Research Points which can be exchanged for valuable rewards. All that’s required is to reset researchable branches of ships and progress through them anew.
The goal of the Research Bureau is to further motivate players to engage with all tiers of their favourite ship branches and earn unique rewards along the way.


Research Points can be exchanged in the new section of the Armory called the Research Bureau.
When the new system launches, French cruiser  X Colbert will be available for 57,000 Research Points. Later, she will be joined by American battleship  X Ohio.
If you aren't ready to invest your Research Points in a new ship, you’ll always have the opportunity to exchange them for bundles with combat signals or Free XP. For example, a bundle with 250,000 Free XP will be available for just 12,500 Research Points.
Please note: the Research Bureau section of the Armory will only become available after earning your first Research Points.

How can you earn Research Points?

If you have at least five Tier X ships researched, you will gain access to the Research Bureau, along with a one-time reward of 10,000 Research Points and the option to reset any of the researched branches of ships.

Rules of resetting

  • You must have researched a Tier X ship in the branch you intend to reset. However, the actual ships of this branch do not have to be purchased and in your Port.
  • A branch that’s reset will be completely rolled back to the Tier I ship.
    • If you’ve researched the British cruiser branch up to  X Minotaur, upon resetting the branch, all cruisers starting from  I Black Swan will have to be researched once again.
    • If, for example, a branch has parallel lines that reach Tier X, such as the Soviet destroyer branch, you can choose which of the lines to reset. If you decide to reset the branch of Soviet destroyers starting from  X Grozovoi, it will be reset to  VII Minsk, then to  II Storozhevoi, and then cruiser  II Novik. At the same time, you'll be able to reset the second branch from  X Khabarovsk on the same principle, but in this case, bonuses will be received only by  X Khabarovsk IX Tashkent, and  VIII Kiev.
  • When a branch is reset, any research performed on it will be reversed, and the ships and modules will be sold for half their cost.
  • Upgrades will be demounted free of charge and transferred to your Inventory, Commanders will be sent to the Reserve without losing their specialisation, and all XP earned will be transferred to the first ship of the branch.
After resetting a branch, the Tier VI - X ships of that branch will have special Research Point marks which can be “scored” by gaining a victory in battle, similarly to bonus Stars of Victory. “Scoring” such marks will bring Research Points to players.

Earning Research Points: more details

  • Research Points can be earned once for the first victory on each ship after resetting the branch.
  • Any bonuses for a victory that awards Research Points will be displayed in the Port interface, in the same way as for other similar bonuses such as Stars of Victory.
  • Resetting a branch of ships can bring you up to 10,000 Research Points. The exact number of Research Points earned depends on the ship's tier:
    • 500 for the first victory on a Tier VI ship
    • 500 for the first victory on a Tier VII ship
    • 1,500 for the first victory on a Tier VIII ship
    • 1,500 for the first victory on a Tier IX ship
    • 6,000 for the first victory on a Tier X ship
  • Resetting a branch of aircraft carriers can bring you up to 8,000 Research Points. This is because researching an entire branch of aircraft carriers requires about 20% less XP than other ship branches.
    • 500 for the first victory on a Tier VI aircraft carrier
    • 1,500 for the first victory on a Tier VIII aircraft carrier
    • 6,000 for the first victory on a Tier X aircraft carrier
  • If, for any reason, a branch had gaps with unresearched ships, these ships will not receive a bonus for a victory attained on them. You can research any ships you skipped before resetting the branch in order to earn the maximum number of Research Points.
Research Points for the first victory can not be obtained in Clan or Training Battles.


The Research Bureau system will work on a seasonal basis. The first Season will last 3 months.
The effect of seasons on the Research Bureau lies in the fact that the Research Points first victory bonus will be doubled for the ships of the first branch to be reset during a season. The double bonus will remain on those ships beyond the end of the season, until the first victory is gained on them.


Along with the launch of the Research Bureau, we've prepared a few nice surprises for you.
From the day of the Update’s release until August 30, and then between September 6 and September 13, you'll find the following bonuses and discounts in the game client. These will help you save resources and research branches of ships faster:
  • +100% XP for the first win of the day
  • −50% to the cost of Port slots
  • −50% to the cost of upgrades
  • −25% to the cost of permanent camouflage patterns for Tier VIII–IX ships
Besides this, special combat missions will be available to you in the Challenges tab. To complete these, you'll need to earn XP in Operations, Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles on Tier VI - IX ships of all types. The combat missions will be available across three Updates from Update 0.8.7 through Update 0.8.9 and can be completed up to 10 times each.
For completing the missions, players will be rewarded with economic and special signals that will help facilitate research.

Complete list of rewards

Three consecutive seasons of Ranked Sprints on Tier VI–VIII ships will also be held during Updates 0.8.7–0.8.8. You'll be able to not only research your ships and earn Research Points for gaining the first victories on them, but also obtain valuable rewards while participating in Ranked Sprints. You’ll find further details in a number of articles dedicated to Ranked Sprints on our website.
Rediscover and research old friends from your favourite branches of ships, earn Research Points, and obtain more rewards than ever before with the Research Bureau.