September 03, 2019

A Chance to Win a Tier VIII Tirpitz, VII Hood, VI Graff Spee, or V Exeter in Battle of Heligoland Bight World of Warships

Bight Fight!
On August 28, 1914, the British Grand Fleet sprung a surprise attack against a German High Seas Fleet patrol in Heligoland Bight. It was the very first naval engagement of the First World War and an easy victory for the Grand Fleet.
To commemorate the anniversary, join us over the weekend and fight in your favourite British and German vessels. Score some camo and a shot at bigger prizes!

Battle Details


Countdown Countdown
Prizes Awarded to Winners by: Fri. 06 Sep. 21:59 UTC
Ready to fight? Follow these simple steps:
  • Fight battles during the time-frame above under the following conditions: 

    • BATTLE TYPE: Random, Clan, Ranked, or Scenario
    • SHIP TYPE:  , Tier V - X 
  • Gain points in each battle for the following feats:

    • Earn at least 800 Base XP in a non-Scenario (Random, Clan, Ranked) battle - 2 Points 
    • Earn at least 800 Base XP in a Scenario battle - 1 Point 
    • Place among the Top 2 on your team in a non-Scenario (Random, Clan, Ranked) battle - 2 Points
  • Bask in the prizes you win, delivered before end-of-day Sept 6.

Prizes:  Victorious Camos

  • x2 Victorious Camo* for your first victory
  • x10 Victorious Camo* for top 500 point earners
Top Point Earner Prizes:
Place Ship
1st   VIII Tirpitz
2nd   VIII Tirpitz
3rd   VII Hood
4th   VII Hood
5th   VI Admiral Graf Spee
6th   VI Admiral Graf Spee

Random Draw Prizes:
Every 10 points you earn during the event grants you a random chance at one of the ships below when the event ends:
  •   VIII Tirpitz
  •   VII Hood
  •   VI Admiral Graf Spee
Top Point Earners aren't included in the Random Draw. Only one prize per participant. 

The more players fight in the Battle of Heligoland Bight, the more prizes join the pool!

Participant Milestones
Random Prize Additions
13,000 +5   V Exeter
23,000 +10   V Exeter
33,000 +15   V Exeter
43,000 +20   V Exeter
You can click the "Participate" button right now or any other time before the end of the competition. By joining the contest, you agree to the terms of the competition and grant us permission to publish your results.
After clicking the “Participate” button you will immediately receive a  Sierra Mike signal flag to confirm you are taking part.