August 29, 2019

0.8.8 Ship and Event Flags - Ohio, California, 4th Anniversary, Puerto Rico, Marceau, Poltava, Imperial Standard at Sea, ACT Fibernet World of Warships

New Ship & Event Flags

Added Aug 29, 2019

0.8.8 Ship Flags
Ohio Flag.
The name of the state of Ohio originates from the word in the language of the Native American Seneca people, and translates as "good river." The fourth ship of the U.S. Navy carrying the name Ohio was designed as one of the Montana-class battleships, and was officially ordered in July, 1940.
California Flag.
I Love You, California!
Marceau Flag.
“All I ask is to let me command the vanguard when things get really hot” these were the words François Séverin Marceau said to his friend General Kléber shortly before the Battle of Le Mans.
Puerto Rico flag.
One of the earliest versions of the “large cruisers” project named after the U.S. “territories”—Puerto Rico being one of them—carried twelve 305 mm main battery guns on board.
Poltava Flag.
The very first ship to receive a name in honor of the victory in the Battle of Poltava was laid down personally by Peter the Great just a few months after the battle. This fact was recorded in the Tsar’s Travel Book: “On December 6, the Tsar himself laid down the ship named Poltava in St. Petersburg, in memory of the deeds at Poltava." The name Poltava has since become traditional in the Russian Navy.
Imperial Standard at Sea.
The first image of the Imperial Standard at Sea dates back to 1703. A cloth in the colors of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, with the state eagle holding the maps of the four seas—Baltic, White, Caspian, and Black.
ACT Fibernet Flag.
ACT Fibernet - Born of Speed - Forged in Fiber - Feel the Advantage
World of Warships Fourth Anniversary.
Four years together!

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