July 19, 2019

SIROCO 🇫🇷 Tier V French Premium Destroyer World of Warships

UPDATED July 19, 2019

Updated: Engine and Steering Gears (Hull). 

Siroco Ensign Flag
Commissioned in 1927, French destroyer Siroco was named after the strong, hot winds from the Sahara desert, typical for the Mediterranean region.
French ðŸ‡«ðŸ‡· Tier V Premium Destroyer Siroco
A destroyer from the Bourrasque class that had a decisive effect on the development of the destroyer type in the French Navy. 
These ships differed from their foreign counterparts in their powerful 130 mm guns and 550 mm torpedo tubes.
Resource Cost: WG Doubloon Value  3500 Doubloons.
You can earn her free in French Arc Event.

  • Hit Points: 11,900
  • Armour: 3~10 mm.
  • Aft-Fore Plating: 10 mm.
  • Central & Deck Plating: 10 mm.
  • Superstructure: 10 mm.
  • Turret Plating: 3.0 mm.
  • Propulsion: 33,000 hp.
  • Weight in Tons: 1900 t
The possibility of incapacitating the engine and steering gears is lowered.
4 x 1 130 mm/40 Mle 1919:
  • Firing range: 11.81 km.
  • Reload time: 6 s. 
  • 180 degree turn time: 18 s. 
  • Maximum dispersion: 104 m. 
  • Sigma value: 2.0σ
130 mm HE OEA Mle 1923:
  • Shell Type: HE.
  • Alpha Damage: 1900.
  • Alpha Piercing HE: 22 mm.
  • Burn Prob: 9%.
  • Projectile Speed: 725 m/s.
  • Air Drag: 0.323.
130 mm AP OPFA Mle 1923:
  • Shell Type: AP.
  • Alpha Damage: 2300.
  • Projectile Speed: 725 m/s.
  • Air drag: 0.323.
  • Projectile Mass 32.05.
  • Projectile Krupp: 2 400.
  • Detonator Threshold: 22 mm.
2 x 3 550 mm Tube Lance-torpilles/23DT:
  • Maximum Damag: 14833 
  • Range: 9.0 km. 
  • Speed: 60 kt. 
  • Reload Time: 75 s
  • Launcher 180 Degree Turn Time: 7.2 s. 
  • Torpedo Detectability: 1.3 km.

AA Medium Range.
2 x 2 57 mm/60 ACAD Mle 1951:
Action Zone: 0.9 - 3.0 km
Hit Probability: 85%
Continuous Area DPS: 11
Bubble/Radius Explosion DPS:210
Explosions Per Salvo: 1
AA Short Range.
4 x 2 20 mm/70 Mk20:
Action Zone: 0.1 - 0.9 km
Hit Probability: 81%
Continuous Area DPS: 29
Sector Reinforcement:
AA Sector Reinforcement: +50%
AA Sector Reinforcement Time: 5 s
AA Sector Reinforcement Shift Time: 5 s
AA Sector Reinforcement:
This value specifies the increment of continuous damage by AA mount in the reinforced AA sector zone.
AA Sector Reinforcement Time:
Time required to enable/disable AA sector (Port/Staboard) reinforcement.
AA Sector Reinforcement Shift Time:
Time required to shift AA sector reinforcement from one sector (port/starboard) to another.

  • Maximum speed: 33 kts. 
  • Turning circle radius:550 m. 
  • Rudder shift time: 3.98 s.

  • Surface detectability: 6.84 km. 
  • Air detectability: 3.36 km.
  • Detectability After Firing in Smoke: 2.6 km.

Slot 1: DCP :
  • Duration time 5 s.
  • Reload time 60 s (40 s).
Slot 2: EB I :
  • Duration time 120 s; 
  • Maximum speed +20%; 
  • Reload time 180 s (120 s); 
  • Charges 3.
Slot 2: MBRB :
  • Main battery reload time: -50%; 
  • Action Time 15 s; 
  • Reload time 180 s (120 s); 
  • Charges 3 (4).

She's OK!:
Not gonna blow your mind.
The Guns: 4 x 1 130mm They do the job, nothing fantastic, decent range.
Turret Traverse: For me, a little bit slow at just under 16s/180, turning the ship will make life a little easier.
AA: Try not to get spotted, use it if you are harassed by enemy CV, otherwise, keep the AA off, keep concealed as much as possible.
Manoeuvrability: One of her strong points, she can manoeuvre quite well. 
Speed: Not as fast as you want a DD to be without smoke, around 42kts with +20% SB on.
Concealment: Not bad at around 6km, enough to keep you concealed most of the time.
Torpedoes: At 7km, you get 1 km concealment when firing, torps are very slow and only cause 12.2k damage, so you will need at least 5/6 to hit target on T5 BB's.
Overall: I had fun playing her, that's why i gave her 7/10. She will be of use in some events and missions, but I doubt she will ever be the Tier V favourite.
Would I buy Siroco: You can earn her free in French Arc Event. Her value is 3500 doubloons, which is about £12 UK, Yeh, I would pay that for her, just for the fun factor.

😎Me (iJoby): Just an average player on EU, 53% WR.
I play to win of course, and have fun playing, when it's not fun (Usually weekends), I just chat to the guys on my social media outlets or blog.
So my review on this and any ship, is only from my personal experience, skill level, and taste. and obviously, yours may differ.
Thanks for reading. 😉