July 20, 2019

Clan Brawls Final Day 20th July, Rewards, Date and Times World of Warships

Clan Brawls Rewards, Time and Dates


The Clan Brawl is a big clash in which Clans intensively battle each another for one day only.
It is possible to fight against Clans from other regions in the Clan Brawl.

During Update 0.8.5, players can take part in a new battle format "Clan Brawl". Besides the usual rewards for battles, participants can claim additional bonuses for victories - credits, Elite Commander XP, Coal, and Steel. Complete all the chains of combat missions to earn useful resources!
The combat missions of the chain can be completed only in the specified sequence: you can start the next Stage only after all the tasks of the previous Stage have been completed.


Countdown Countdown
Victories Clan Brawl of July 6 Clan Brawl of July 20
Victories 1 – 4  400,000 credits  400,000 credits
Victory 5  400,000 credits +  500,000 credits as a bonus  400,000 credits +  500,000 credits as a bonus
Victories 6 – 9  16,000 Elite Commander XP  800 Coal
Victory 10  16,000 Elite Commander XP +  20,000 Elite Commander XP as a bonus  800 Coal +  1,000 Coal as a bonus
Victories 11 – 14  800 Coal  80 Steel
Victory 15  800 Coal +  1,000 Coal as a bonus  80 Steel +  100 Steel as a bonus

Clan Brawl 2

On July 20, Tier X ships will have an opportunity to take part in the second Clan Brawl. Based on your feedback, we’ve made some changes to the matchmaker’s settings and fixed the way the Clan Rating is displayed on the Clan Portal page.
The admissible difference in the number of Clan victories now increases while you’re waiting for a battle to start.
Minutes of Waiting TimeAdmissible Difference in the Number of Victories
Each additional minute increases the admissible difference by two victories, with the maximum number being 18 victories, reached at the 10th minute. This change will accelerate the matchmaking process, while maintaining quality during the first minutes of waiting time.
Please note: unlike in Clan Battles, your position in the Clan Brawl Ranking is considered relative to the region for which you’ve selected the prime time.


The Clan with most victories wins. Defeats are not counted.
If several Clans achieve the same number of victories, the time it took to win those victories is taken into account. The top position in the Rating is given to the Clan that first gained its final victory.


Any earned rewards are credited to the Clan Treasury.
Completing special combat missions in Clan Battles will result in greater rewards.


Two Divisions, each consisting of seven members, can participate in a Clan Battle.
All Division mates must be members of the same Clan.
While a season is running, Clan Battles are available daily within a specified time period.
The Clan Battles schedule is displayed in the battle type selection menu.


Win Clan Battles and earn Rating points.
Upon earning enough Rating points, Clans are promoted to higher Groups and Leagues.
If a Clan loses enough Rating points, they can be relegated to lower Groups or Leagues.


For a victory in a Clan Battle, you will obtain Oil for use in developing your Naval Base.
Rewards are allocated based on your current League and your performance in battle.
Completing special combat missions in Clan Battles will result in greater rewards.


Five Leagues exist: Squall, Gale, Storm, Typhoon, and Hurricane. Clans are distributed among the Leagues according to their Rating.
Every League has three Groups, except for the Hurricane League, which has only one Group. To progress to a higher Group, a Clan needs to earn more than 100 Rating points.
After earning 100 Rating points, a Clan starts fighting to progress to the next League. In order to do this, they need to win three out of five battles.
If a Clan's Rating falls below zero in Group III, they have to fight to stay in the League. To keep their place, they need to win three out of five battles.
You will earn additional Rating points for maintaining your place in the League. In the case of failure, Rating points will be deducted.