July 25, 2019

Symbols of 🇫🇷 France and Legion of Honour 30 x Bundles includes Tier IX French Destroyer Mogador.

Symbols of 🇫🇷 France Coal and Republic Tokens

Symbols of France  
Symbols of France are very much the same as Christmas 2018 Snowflakes, these tokens will bring you Coal and Republic Tokens for use in the Armory.

In Update 0.8.6 Symbols of France will appear on many of your ships. They work like stars, that give you a one-time daily bonus for a victorious battle. Symbols of France, however, can be awarded on your ships only once during Update 0.8.6.

Symbols of France will be displayed in the ships carousel in the Port next to stars, so you can easily see whether you have received your bonus for a certain ship or not. If a Symbol of France is still there, it's high time to "knock it off"!


Countdown Countdown
0.8.6 Symbol of France Resource Bonuses.
Researchable Ships Tier V - VI.
 .Tier V = 200  Tier VI = 300 
Researchable Ships Tier VII - X.
Tier VII = 5  .Tier VIII = 10  Tier IX = 15   Tier X = 15 
Premium Ships Tier VII - X.
Tier II-IV = 200  Tier V = 300  .Tier VI = 400 
Premium Ships Tier II - VI.
Tier VII = 10  .Tier VIII = 15  Tier IX = 20   Tier X = 20 
Reward for a victory gained with these ships. Can be obtained only once.
The event will be available for all players, You can spend the earned resources in the Armory.

Symbols of France will appear on researchable ships of Tiers V to X and premium ships II to X.

To get the bonus, simply win one Co-op, Random, Ranked or Scenario Battle. knocking off Symbols of France will be rewarded with Coal and Republic Tokens. The type and amount of the resources varies depending on the type and tier of each ship.

Legion of Honour Bundle No.5 Includes Mogador & Perm Camo

You can only purchase the bundles in a specific order, the first 4 bundles can be purchased with Republic Tokens, and then you can purchase bundle No.5 which consists of 30x bundles.
The random "Legion of Honour" bundle is the final one in the set of five bundles, each of which can be purchased separately for 1000  Doubloons each in sequential order, starting from the first.
One of the 30 x bundles will contain the Tier IX destroyer Mogador.

Destroyer Mogador, French Navy Permanent Camouflage for Mogador Bundle:
French Tier IX Destroyer
One of the most powerful ships of her type built for the French Navy before World War II. Thanks to her four 139 mm twin main battery mounts, Mogador outgunned most of her contemporary destroyers in terms of firepower.
  • Effective main battery artillery, comprising eight 139 mm guns with a firing range of 12.8 km, good shell ballistics and armor penetration capability, and moderate chances of setting enemies on fire with HE shells.
  • The Main Battery Reload Booster, an unusual consumable for a destroyer that improves the main battery's rate of fire when necessary.
  • Four torpedo tubes placed along each side of the ship that allow her to simultaneously fire ten fast torpedoes.
  • Her very high top speed of 43.5 knots can be further improved by activating the enhanced Engine Boost consumable that increases the ship's speed by 20%.
  • Special distribution of HP among the ship's hull components helps to compensate for the absence of the Smoke Generator.
  • The ship comes with a Commander with 3 skill points and a Port slot.
French Navy – Mogador
Permanent Camouflage
Honour, Motherland, Bravery, Discipline.
  • –3% to the ship's detectability range by sea
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies at your ship
  • +100% XP earned per battle
  • –20% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service

Items in Bundles.