July 30, 2019

Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season - Free Commander Respec - Win up to 8,750 Steel: World of Warships

Updated: July 30, 2019

Commanders, the sixth season of Clan Battles, code-named "Neighbors", is knocking at your door.
WG have changed the rules of this Season to allow a larger number of players to participate in Clan Battles, with teams of six players invited to the fight.
All Tier VIII ships are eligible, except for aircraft carriers. Apart from this, each team is restricted to having just one battleship.
Between July 31 – August 16, you’ll have an opportunity to redistribute your Commanders’ skills for free. Plan your time properly when preparing for Clan Battles!



Countdown Countdown
Gaming sessions are available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
On the days of any update releases, no Clan Battles will be held.
As in the Fifth Season, players will enjoy the advantages of cross-server matchmaking.
Clan Commanders can select their preferred prime time for any of the four servers: EU, NA, Asia, or CIS.
If the "standard" prime time of your region happens to be inconvenient for your Clan on a given day, you can find opponents on another server at a more convenient time. The Clan will still receive any rewards due and your accounts will remain on your "native" server.

TIMES ON IMAGE ARE UK British Summer Time: -5hrs for USA EDT: +1hr for EU CEST
Please note: You can select your preferred prime time only once per day. The selected prime time settings will be reset once the prime time of the NA server ends, and you'll be able to select the most convenient time for you once again. The settings reset time can be found in the game client.
Remember that when you take part in battles in another region, the ping might turn out to be higher. This can be due to the server of the battle potentially being located in another region.

As you might remember, there are five main Leagues in the Clan Rating system. Each of these are divided into three Groups as follows:
  • Squall League (the starting League)
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League
  • Hurricane League (for the most battle-hardened Clans)
The Hurricane League doesn't have any interim Groups, hence there are no limits on the Rating points you can earn there. To progress to the next League, players need to win three out of five Progression Battles. When a Clan’s number of Rating points is 0, they will need to win three Relegation Battles to stay in the Hurricane League.

Clan rating:
The Rating of all Clans will be reset to standard values, but Clans will get 50 bonus points (up to a maximum of 200 points) for the first battle played in each of the Leagues (except for the Squall League) during the "Land of Fire" Season. All battles count towards a unified global Rating, which enables you to compare your results with those of other Clans from all over the world, as well as from your server.

The new Season of Clan Battles brings a new set of special achievements for players. To claim them all, you’ll need to play at least one battle in each of the following Leagues:
League Condition
Squall Reach the Squall League or higher in the "Neighbors" season
Gale Reach the Gale League or higher in the "Neighbors" season
Storm Reach the Storm League or higher in the "Neighbors" season
Typhoon Reach the Typhoon League or higher in the "Neighbors" season
Hurricane Reach the Hurricane League in the "Neighbors" season
Neighbors Rank first in the "Neighbors" season

During the "Neighbors" season, players can earn up to 8,750 Steel!
This change has been implemented due to the updated format of the Season. It will be easier to gather a team of six people, while Tier VIII ships will allow for the participation of Clan members without high-tier ships. Both of these factors will contribute to an influx of new players for this Clan Season, making it easier for veterans of Clan Battles to reach the Hurricane League. Accordingly, the amount of Steel that can be earned for completing combat missions in the Leagues has been reduced to correspond to the easier format of the competition.
For example, during the "North" season you could receive 200 Steel for 7 victories in the Squall League, another 500 Steel for 8 victories in the Squall League, and an additional 500 Steel for completing these two missions, making 1,200 Steel altogether. Now, each of the first 15 victories in the Squall League will bring you 80 Steel, totalling the same amount of 1,200 Steel.

Battles will rage on the following six maps in the new Season: Trident, Greece, Neighbors, Mountain Range, Sea of Fortune, and Hotspot. All battles will use Domination mode.
The following rules apply on all maps:
  • Number of key areas: 3
  • Capture time: 40 seconds
  • Points from a captured key area: 3 points per 4 seconds
Ship spawning points are now located opposite key area C. This will allow players to reduce the travel time to the contested key area and engage the enemy quicker.