June 14, 2019

Possibly Win a Tier VIII Massachusetts By Using Signal Flags World of Warships

  Possibly Win a Tier VIII Massachusetts By Using Signal Flags

Captains! Do you know how to skilfully use signal flags? Do you know which ones help you deal more damage to the enemy and which ones line your pockets with Credits
Starts: Friday 14 June at 05:00 UTC Ends: Monday 17 June 05:00 UTC
WG are holding a special giveaway for those of you who use signal flags.
You can click the "Participate" button right now or at any other time before the competition ends. By joining the contest, you agree to the terms of the competition and grant us permission to publish your results.

After clicking the “Participate” button you will immediately receive a Sierra Mike signal flag as confirmation that you are taking part.

How It Works

  • Play any battle type  with ships of Tier V-X, with signal flags mounted.
  • Every 15 signal flags "spent", you will earn one chance at receiving a prize (30 signals = 2 chances, and so on).
  • Prizes are limited to one per account.
  • In total 3,050 winners will be determined at random on the each regional server.


Event Starts: Fri. 14 Jun. 05:00 UTC
Event Ends: Mon. 17 Jun. 05:00 UTC
Results Announced: Thu. 20 Jun. 14:00 UTC
Prizes Credited: Fri. 21 Jun. 16:00 14:00 UTC


The following items will be awarded randomly among players who have spent 15 signal flags or more over the weekend:
x50   VIII Massachusetts+ Commander with 10 skill points
EU & ASIA = x3,000 10 Union Jack camouflage
–3% to the ship's detectability.
+4% to the dispersion of enemy shells fired at your ship.
+100% to XP per battle.
+75% to Commander XP per battle.
+50% to Free XP per battle.

NA = x3,000 10 Stars 'n' Stripes camouflage
-3% to surface detectability range.
+4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
+125% experience earned in the battle.
+75% Commander experience earned in the battle.
+100% Free experience earned in the battle.

This weekend equip x15 signal flags or more and play for your chance to win!