June 21, 2019

Summer Weekend Community Event: Win a Container and Coal, Signals ASIA Only World of Warships

Summer Community Event: ASIA Only


If you need more stocks of Signal flags  or WoWS  Premium account, or  Rogue Wave container, why don't you join our community event during this weekend!
You can participate by playing World of Warships as usual or more to get some rewards!

Event Schedule

Start: 2019/06/21 @ 00:01 (UTC+8)
End: 2019/06/24 @ 23:59 (UTC+8)

Event 1: More battles and More rewards – Co-work mission

All players will receive following rewards based on the total amount of Base EXP earned by whole APAC players during the event period.
Accumulated Base EXPReward
1,400,000,000 Base XP Standard Signal Flag Set x 5
1,500,000,000 Base XP Special Signal Flag Set x 2
1,600,000,000 Base XP Rogue Wave container x 3
1,700,000,000 Base XP3 Days  Premium Account
Rewards will be only given to players who login during the event period.
 Rogue Wave container is an event container that will be available from 0.8.5  

Event 2: More battles and More rewards – Clan mission

It's time for call all your clan mates! Top Base EXP earned Clans will receive following rewards!
1st - 10th 10,000 Coal
11th - 25th 7,500 Coal
26th - 50th 5,000 Coal
Event result will be announced on 4 July.