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how to become a recruiter

The new "Recruiting Station" is different and better in many ways, you now have a "Recruiting Station", where you can keep up to date on what rewards you are earning, and the amount of recruitment points you and your shipmates have earned for you.

You get to keep all of the friends/shipmates you have recruited from the previous "Play with Friend/Veteran", and immediately they will start generating recruitment points whenever they play, which means you will have a constant income of recruitment points (up to 1500 per week max), leading to Doubloons, Cashback and Containers that provide one of the following: Premium Ships, Coal, Doubloons. Premium Days, Free XP, and lots more.

How to be eligible as a recruiter:

Step 1: Invite your friends via the brand-new Recruiting Station.
Step 2: Collect Recruitment Points. Play with friends in a Division to get more!
Step 3: Exchange Recruitment Points for unique Recruiting Station containers.

If you are already a participant of the "Play with Friends" program, all your referral links will be saved and transferred. Your referees will turn into your Shipmates automatically, so that you can receive cashback and Recruitment Points from them, too.

Disclaimer: these benefits only apply from the start of the Recruiting Station referral program, not retroactively.

  • Recruiters and Shipmates.
  • Recruitment Points and Recruiting Station Rewards.
  • Doubloon Cashback: How It Works.

A Recruiter is a player who invites other people to join and play World of Warships.

You can become a Recruiter irrespective of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice player. The "Recruiter" status is available to those who:

  • Have played at least 15 battles.
A Shipmate is a person who joins World of Warships on the invitation of a Recruiter, and through the Recruiting Station.*

The "Shipmate" status is available to those who:

  • Have never played World of Warships
  • Or have played less than 15 World of Warships battles in total
  • Or have played their last World of Warships battle more than 90 days ago

Recruitment Points and Recruiting Station rewards:

How can I acquire  Recruitment Points?

A Recruiter gets  400 for their first Shipmate .
A Recruiter receives  1 Junior Recruiting Station container as a reward for sending out three invitations via any social network or messenger. 
Recruiter is eligible for  Recruitment Points for battles played by your Shipmates, and for playing in a Division with them.
Shipmates receive  Recruitment Points only for battles played in a Division with their Recruiter.
Condition Recruiter's rewards Shipmate's rewards
Shipmate played a battle*  10
Shipmate played a battle in a Division with their Recruiter  18 +  8 for a victory  5 +  5 for a victory
Recruiter played a battle in a Division with two Shipmates  22 +  12 for a victory  5 +  5 for a victory
Recruiters can't earn more than  1,500 Recruitment Points per week for battles played by their Shipmates. This limit isn’t applicable to battles played in a Division.

 Recruitment Points will be credited for battles if a player earns

  • At least 150 base XP points on a Tier I–V ship.
  • At least 300 base XP points on a Tier VI–X ship.
When playing in a Division, this rule applies to each participant of the Division. All battles count towards progress, except Training Battles.

Junior Container Seasoned Container Veteran Container
Junior Container (Click Image) Seasoned Container (Click Image) Veteran Container (Click Image)

SHIPMATES REWARDS:vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


A Recruiter gets cashback from purchases made by their Shipmates.
Once each month, a Recruiter will receive a cashback in doubloons equal to 10% of the total cost of purchases made by the Recruiter's Shipmates in the Premium Shop.
  1. Only a Recruiter who has 2 or more Shipmates is eligible to get cashback.
  2. Cashback is credited in doubloons only.
  3. The cashback is equal to a percentage of the cost of purchases made by a Recruiter's Shipmates in the Premium Shop.
  4. Cashback is credited on the first day of every month.
  5. Each Cashback crediting includes Shipmates’ purchases which were made more than 1 month from the moment said cashback is credited.
For example, if a shipmate makes one purchase in the Premium Shop equal to the value of 100 doubloons on the 15th June 2019, the recruiter will receive the cashback of 10 doubloons on 1st August, not the 1st July, since there is less than 1 months’ time between 1st July (crediting day) and 15th June (purchasing day).

Contents of recruitment containers:


You can find one of the following rewards in the Junior Recruiting Station container:

  • A Premium ship: 
  •  III Aurora.
  •  V Marblehead Lima.
  •  II Mikasa.
  •  II Smith.
  •  IV YĆ«bari.
  • Each with  Port slot and Commander with 10  skill points.
  •  Special signal flags of any type.
  • 10  Economic signal flags of any type.
  •  "Battle Hardened" or  "This is your day" camouflage patterns.
  •  Days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 100  Doubloons.
  • 1,500  Coal.
  • 5,000  Free XP.
  • 150,000  Credits.
Price:  500


You can find one of the following rewards in the Seasoned Recruiting Station container:
  • A Premium ship: 
  •  VI Huanghe.
  •  III Katori.
  •  V Krasny Krym.
  •  VI Monaghan.
  •  VI Mutsu.
  • Each with  Port slot and Commander with 10  skill points.
  • 50  Economic signal flags of any type.
  • 10  "Battle Hardened" or  "This is your day, Commander!" camouflage patterns.
  • 15  Special signal flags of any type.
  •  Days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 500  Doubloons.
  • 5,000  Coal.
  • 15,000  Free XP.
  • 750,000  Credits.
Price:  1,500


You can find one of the following rewards in a Veteran Recruiting Station container:

  • A Premium ship: 
  •  VI Duca d'Aosta.
  •  VII Ashitaka.
  •  VIII Kidd.
  •  VIII Prinz Eugen.
  •  III Vampire.
  • Each with  Port slot and Commander with 10  skill points.
  • 20  Special signal flags of any type.
  •  "Mosaic" or "  Asian Lantern" camouflage patterns.
  • 30  Days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 1,000  Doubloons.
  • 10,000  Coal.
  • 30,000  Free XP.
  • 1.500,000  Credits.
Price:  3,000

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