June 12, 2019

0.8.5 Dog Tags and Ensign Flags: Canada Day 2019, Mount Fuji, French National Day.

0.8.5 Dog Tags.
Canada Day 2019.
Happy Independence Day, Canada!.
Mount Fuji.
Enjoy the highest and most iconic Japanese mountain.
French National Day.
At night, fireworks are launched in most communes, generally accompanied by a dance and concerts.
0.8.5 Ship Ensign Flags
Smolensk Flag.
The ancient Russian city of Smolensk, which has a coat of arms depicting a bird of paradise sitting on a cannon, gave name to ships of both Imperial Russian and Soviet Navies.
Hill Flag.
U.S. Navy Petty Officer William Lowell Hill received a Medal of Honor in 1884 for rescuing a drowning shipmate who had fallen overboard USS Minnesota.
Somers Flag.
USS Somers, a destroyer commissioned in 1937, was named after U.S. Navy officer Richard Somers who gained fame for countering piracy in the Mediterranean. Somers died during an attack on Tripoli in 1804.
Colbert Flag
A whole range of ships in the French Navy were named after Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619–1683), one of the most prominent statesmen in France. The sixth ship to carry the noble gentleman's name was an anti-aircraft cruiser which entered service in 1959.
Friesland Flag
A series of Dutch submarine hunters ("onderzeebootjagers") commissioned during the 1950s were named after various cities and provinces of the Netherlands. The head ship was called Friesland (Dutch for "the lands of the Frisii").
Siegfried Flag
Siegfried, or Sigurd, is one of the most famous characters in German Mythology, and a hero of the heroic poem "Song of the Nibelungs". He was a character of operas and films; ships were named after him as well.
Thunderer Flag
Thunderer is a traditional name for large British battleships, in both the sailing fleet era and age of armor and steam.
Hayate Flag
Hayate is the Japanese for "gale" or "storm wind".
Ark Royal Flag
Ark Royal is a traditional name for Royal Navy ships used since late 16th century. In 1938, HMS Ark Royal, first British aircraft carrier of a new generation, entered service.

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