May 07, 2019

0.8.4 New Ensigns, Flags & Dog Tags World of Warships

New Ensigns & Dog Tags

UPDATED May 7th, 2019

0.8.4 Dogtags
Reddit Patch
For Redditors with a passion for warships.
D-Day Patch
75th Anniversary of Operation D-Day.
U.S. Army Patch
Birthday of the U.S. Army.
Italian Navy Patch
Patria e Onore!.
0.8.4 Ensigns
Georgia Flag
Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.
Siroco Flag
Commissioned in 1927, French destroyer Siroco was named after the strong, hot winds from the Sahara desert, typical for the Mediterranean region.
Bayard Flag
Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (d. 1524), known as "Le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche" (French for "The knight without fear and beyond reproach"), was one of the brightest representatives of the chivalry. Several ships of the French Navy were named after him.
Yudachi Flag
YĆ«dachi (Japanese for Evening Squall) was the name of one of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers commissioned in 1937 and destroyed during the Battle of Friday the 13th near Guadalcanal Island in November 1944.
Yoshino Flag
From time immemorial, the Yoshino mountain is famous for its hillsides dotted with sakura trees. The first ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy to be named after this mountain was a protected cruiser that was destroyed during the war against Russia in 1904.
USS Benham Flag
USS Benham (DD-397) is the lead ship in a series of ten destroyers with powerful torpedo armament. During the war in the Pacific Ocean, she earned five battle stars, and was destroyed during the Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942.
Glory Flag
Slava was the name of a number of Russian and Soviet ships, including a sailing frigate, squadron battleship, Project 26-bis cruiser, and Project 1164 missile cruiser.
ST Veteran Flag
Supertest Veterans flag.
Port Captain Flag
A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 15 in the Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles.
Paragraph 11 Flag
June 21, 1919—Scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow