April 05, 2019

Weekend Missions: Competition: Intergalactic Decathlon World of Warships

Competition: Intergalactic Decathlon

For the next 3 weekends were running an 'Intergalactic Decathlon' with 200 rare camouflage bundles up for grabs - that's over 260,000 Doubloons worth of camos!  

This Weekend’s Event – Fast Facts!

Weekend 1 Starts: Fri. 05 Apr. 12:00 UTC
Weekend 1 Ends: Mon. 08 Apr. 12:00 UTC

Game Modes and Top-10 Challenges?
Rings of Saturn
Highest amount of:
Fires Stated.
Capture Points.
Binary Star
Highest amount of:
Damage taken and survived.
Spotting Damage
Top-10 winners announced and credited: Next Thursday, with next weekend’s event reminder (check back here). 
Random draw reminder: To be eligible for the random prize draw you must win three battles per weekend on two out of three weekends while the competition is ongoing (ends with the next Update). We will announce and credit the randomized list of winners on April 25.  
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