April 13, 2019

Twitch Space Drops Event: Watch Twitch and Possibly Win a Supercontainer and More Rewards World of Warships

Space Drops Event on Twitch

From Apr. 12 through Apr. 23 2019,
Have you heard other Captains talking about mysterious purple containers appearing in their Port? Do you like the idea of getting rewards for sitting on your couch and watching World of Warships? Lost your towel?
Don’t Panic! We’re here to clear these things up for you!

What are Twitch Drops and how are they changing?

We launched our first ever Twitch Drops campaign a while ago, rewarding you with special containers for watching us or other streamers play World of Warships on Twitch. We’ve received a great deal of good feedback from you about this and will be expanding on the concept this April with… SPACE DROPS!

What can you get?

  • Regular drops – you’ll probably get a few of these!
    • 10Ironium
    •  Sci-Fi Space Camouflage 
  • Epic drop – not infinitely improbable, but definitely rare!
    • 1 Super Container

When is this happening?

From: Fri. 12 Apr. 00:01 UTC
To: Wed. 24 Apr. 11:59 UTC

How can I participate?

  • Make sure your Account is linked to your Twitch account! Click your area region/server button below.
  • Watch any World of Warships stream on Twitch during the period stated above!
  • Space Drops will deploy throughout the period -- these Drops contain 10 Ironium  and 1x  Sci-Fi Space camo 
  • The more you watch, the more chances you have to win!
  • You also have a slim chance of a   Supercontainer via a Super Space Drop!
Upcoming Streams From WoWs: