April 15, 2019

Tier VIII Japanese CV Kaga Recommended Skills and Upgrades World of Warships

WoWs Recommended Kaga Skills and Upgrades.
 VIII Kaga's aircraft are weaker than those of her "colleagues" of the same tier—with a smaller amount of HP and slower speeds. But all of them are grouped into larger squadrons and attacking flights. The total number of aircraft on Kaga is made up of three full squadrons of each type, while most other aircraft carriers have only one and a half squadrons. Such a number of aircraft allows players to launch aircraft of the same type gradually and without waiting times, even after a failed attack and the loss of a squadron.

The attack aircraft it carries aren't that different from those carried by researchable aircraft carriers. They have similar rockets and squadron composition. Each squadron has eight planes, with two planes per attack. Each attack aircraft carries four rockets, with maximum rocket damage—2,200 HP; armor penetration—28 mm; and chances of setting a target on fire—8%. The main strike force of the aircraft carrier is made up of bombers and torpedo bombers. The former, as opposed to their researchable Japanese counterparts, are equipped with HE bombs. You can use these to effectively deal damage and set all types of enemy ships, including destroyers, on fire. Each squadron has twelve planes, with four planes per attack. Each aircraft carries one bomb, with maximum bomb damage—8,800 HP; and chances of setting a target on fire—50%.

The latter attack in flights consisting of four aircraft—an impressive number for a Tier VIII carrier. However, despite having a large number of torpedoes, the torpedoes themselves don't cause a great deal of damage. Maximum torpedo damage—5,400 HP.
Wise use of a combination of HE bombs and Kaga's large number of torpedoes will enable you to cause significant damage to the enemy.
Commander with 10 skill points:
  • Air Supremacy
  • Torpedo Acceleration or Improved Engines
  • Aircraft Armor or Survivability Expert
  • Sight Stabilization
Commander with 19 skill points:
  • Air Supremacy, Direction Center for Fighters, and Improved Engine Boost
  • Torpedo Acceleration, Improved Engines, and Adrenaline Rush
  • Aircraft Armor and Survivability Expert
  • Sight Stabilization or Concealment Expert
  • Air Groups Modification 1
  • Aircraft Engines Modification 1
  • Attack Aircraft Modification 1 or Torpedo Bombers Modification 1
  • Torpedo Bombers Modification 2
  • Flight Control Modification 1