April 21, 2019

Updated: New Unique Commander Nikolay Kuznetsov (Image) and Victory Competition (Image), World of Warships

Victory Competition, Reward with new Unique Commander

Friendly competition "Victory" goes on in the 0.8.4 Update. 
Rules of the event remain the same, but the rewards are changing.

New collection dedicated to the Russian and Soviet navy consisting of 8 parts is coming. For completing the sub-collections, you will be able to gain containers, a second flag and alternative camouflage color scheme for the Soviet destroyers and cruisers. For the whole collection you will be able to set the second flag and alternative camouflage color scheme for the Soviet battleships.

For successes in the competition you will get a new temporary resource, which can be used to get different in-game items, Murmansk cruiser and special containers with the chance to get one of the Soviet premium ships: Okhotnik, Molotov. Leningrad or Lenin.

The most important reward for the second part of the competition is a new unique commander Nikolay Kuznetsov. He has two talents:

"Hidden Reserve"
Activates with obtaining the "First Blood" achievement, and gives:
  • 1 charge for all consumables on the ship during battle.
"Will to Win"
Activates once per battle, if the ship HP drops belpw 10%, 
"Will to Win" will give the following bonuses for 30 seconds:
  • Effect of the "Damage Control Party" consumable is applied to the ship (No consumable charges spent).
  • Dispersion of the shell fired by enemy ships at your ship increases by 20%.
  • Effect of the "Repair Party" charging up to 7.5% HP (No consumable charges spent).
These talents do not work in Clan battles.

Besides that, this commander has one improved skill: "Jack of all Trades" lowers the reload of all consumables by 10% and not by 5%.

"Will to Win" talents stands out because of the trigger condition. It activates easier than other talents. But it's worth to consider that it will activate when the ship is almost destroyed and gives less bonuses than talents of other unique commanders. Besides that, Nikolay Kuznetsov has only one improved skill, and this is an additional balancing factor.

The way the new commander performs may further influence the development of the system of unique commanders.

IMPORTANT! Because the items in this article are still being tested and WIP, the information posted today is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the items in the article are introduced to the live servers. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the items in this article are released.