April 05, 2019

mini-PSA British CV Bombs Speed Bug From Sub_Octavian World of Warships

mini-PSA British CV Bombs Speed bug
Hey guys, just a little heads-up, as I've been involved in discussion on Reddit (and my colleagues did the same on regional forums).

So basically some players reported that bombs speed was nerfed in 0.8.2 for British CV.

Our investigations, checks (even with stopwatch) initially gave nothing, and, being quite confident with initial test, we repeatedly asked for more/better evidence. Eventually, while looking into more replays, videos and feedback, we've found a lead. There may be a potential issue which can cause the speed to decrease. ATM we're looking into it, and we will do our best to confirm the problem, and share the information early next week.

For now, I want to thank you for your help and patience. And also, personally I owe an apology to u/Einherjaar and other guys here who highlighted the issue, because initially I said everything's fine, being unaware of the potential bug.

I should also stress that we don't do stealth changes and value mutual trust between players and us. There may be bugs, there may be mistakes in patch notes from time to time, but our policy is to always inform you what we're up to (and supply you with huge War and Peace-style comprehensive patch notes and wiki, too). So we will sort it out, determine the issue, and then decide what to do, and will do it openly.

Have great week end :-)