May 15, 2019

0.8.3 - 0.8.4 "Victory" Competition With Early Access Missions to Tier V - VIII Soviet Battleships and Perm Camos


In Updates 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 all players will be able to participate in the friendly "Victory" Competition by joining either Team Honor or Team Glory.
For your successes in battle, you'll get Allowance Tokens that can be exchanged for special containers in the Armory, which in turn provide you with a chance to gain early access to Soviet battleships. These even offer an opportunity to get your hands on Tier VII Soviet cruiser Lazo! In this article, we'll tell you about all of the features and peculiarities of the new event.


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Comrades, it's time to stand tall and take part in a new friendly competition called "Victory"! The game event is quite similar to the "Go Navy!" competition held last summer, but we’ve taken a combination of our experience and your feedback into account to create something even more interesting and exciting.


Each day you will have a decision to select a team of choice. 
  • Team Honor values the great traditions of the Soviet Navy. Join the team and fight fearlessly for justice!
  • Team Glory triumphantly copes with all missions. Join the team and write your own legend into history alongside the heroic deeds of Soviet sailors!
Having chosen your team, you’ll be taken to a version of Black Sea Port that will be painted in the colors of your team.
Prepare your ships, mount signals and camouflages, and head into battle to fight alongside your brothers-in-arms, then earn the points that will deliver your victory! Each day, the team with most points, wins.
The crediting of points is put on hold one hour prior to the beginning of the next competition day. Battles fought after this time will not be taken into account.


The rules of the competition are fairly simple: go into battle on your favorite Tier V–X ships and earn points for the team and your personal rating!
Team points are summed up every day. The team with most points is the winner of the day, and all of its members receive additional awards.


Earning points is what will cause your team to prevail in the daily competition. Each day the results are summed up and players from the winning team who earned at least 1 point receive 4 Allowance Tokens. These can be spent in the Armory.
So, how can you earn them? It's very simple—just fight on your favorite Tier V-X ships in Operations, Co-op, Random, Ranked, and Clan Battles.
ModeEventShip's tier / points
Random BattlesDestroyed ship101214161820
Honorary achievement404856647280
Heroic achievement8096112128144160
Personal Order404856647280
Co-op BattlesDestroyed ship5678910
Personal Order202428323640
Ranked BattleVictory120
Clan BattleVictory200
OperationsEach star when victorious15

In addition to the team rating, the competition will also have a personal rating: the "My Contribution" section has all of the information about team results, your personal achievements, and daily rewards. The more points you earn, the more tokens you get!


In a Random or Co-op battle, you can receive a personal task. After completing it, you’ll earn even more points. The tasks given depend on your ship and her individual characteristics.

Please bear in mind that the task can only be completed in the battle in which you received it.


Each day of the competition represents a separate stage. The team with the most points for a day wins the stage. On the following day, the tasks given to the winning team become harder, and respectively the rewards more valuable. The losing team will receive a bonus to team points earned on the day following its defeat. Thus, the losing team will be given a chance to reduce the points gap quicker.

The difficulty levels for the winning team are reset in the case when the enemy team wins. The same applies to the bonus team points of the losing team if they win a stage.

The major reward will be containers that carry a certain probability of giving you an early access to Tier V–VIII Soviet battleships.

For achieving good results in battle, you will receive Allowance Tokens that can be exchanged in the Armory. Use them to acquire valuable prizes: “Victory” expendable camos, special permanent camos for Tier VIII Soviet ships
 VIII Chapayev
 VIII Kiev
 VIII Ognevoi
 VIII Vladivostok - FULL STATS
and, of course, containers that provide a chance to gain early access to Tier V–VIII Soviet battleships
The special feature of the “Victory” competition section in the Armory will be an opportunity to obtain Tier VII Soviet cruiser  VII Lazo! - FULL STATS


The losing team, however, always gets the normal difficulty level for their personal rating the following day.
At the same time, the losing team will receive a modifier that gets applied to the points they earn the next day, helping them to close the gap quicker. Bear in mind that this modifier is applied only to team points and doesn't have any effect on personal rating or the Wall of Valor.

In total, there are four difficulty levels:

Difficulty levelPointsAllowance TokensModifier for the loosing team
Hard1008+25% points
Very Hard1008+100% points
Extreme1008+300% points
Example: Team Honor wins the first day of the competition. The next day, players who choose to join this team will see the difficulty level for their personal rating rise to "Hard." Accordingly, in order to receive the maximum reward for their personal rating, they need to score 2,700 points instead of 1,500.
The difficulty level doesn't change for Team Glory, they still need to earn 1,500 points in order to get the maximum reward for their personal rating. At the same time, the number of points they earn for their team grows by 25%. So, if you enter a Random Battle in a Tier X ship and destroy 3 ships (60 points), receive a heroic achievement (160 points), and win (80 points), you will be awarded 300 points for your personal rating and 375 points (300+25%) for the team rating.
If Team Glory wins this day, the difficulty level for them rises to "Hard", while Team Honor's difficulty level returns to "Normal".


The Wall of Valor will demonstrate your achievements and compare your progress with the results of the Top 100 players.
The more points you obtain and the higher your position on the Wall of Valor, the more tokens for the Armory you will get at the end of the day.


You can exchange any Allowance Tokens that you earn during the competition in the corresponding section of the Armory.
  • Soviet Premium cruiser  VII Lazo—1,500 tokens.
    • This Soviet Project 68 light cruiser has large dimensions and carries a formidable main battery that comprises twelve 152 mm guns. Lazo is well suited to long-range engagements. She excels at exchanging fire over long distances due to the trademark features of her Soviet artillery, and through utilizing the specific parameters of her Spotting Aircraft consumable. There are just a couple of Tier VII ships that can hold this cruiser accountable for her boldness.
  • The special "Victory Banner" permanent camouflage for Soviet ships 
  •  VIII Vladivostok = 500 tokens - FULL STATS
  •  VIII Chapayev = 500 tokens.
  •  VIII Ognevoi = 500 tokens.
  •  VIII Kiev = 500 tokens.
  • The expendable "Victory" camouflage = 12 tokens.
  • "Soviet Era" containers with a chance to get a combat mission granting early access to Soviet battleships = 30 tokens.
  • 3 days of Warships Premium Account = 200 tokens.
  • Various signals—the number of tokens required depends on the signal type.


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Additionally, you can spend doubloons in the Armory to get hold of Soviet Era Premium containers. These come with a lavish amount of in-game loot and carry a high chance of unlocking early access to Soviet battleships.
You can view the full contents of the new Armory section in the game client.


One of the most pleasant features of the "Victory" competition is the chance it offers to players to be among the first to try out the Soviet battleships, an entire month before their release and introduction to the Tech Tree. "Soviet Era" containers can drop a combat mission that will reward you with one of these ships: 
 V Pyotr Velikiy - FULL STATS
 VIII Vladivostok - FULL STATS
These missions are very simple. To get a Tier V ship, you'll need to earn 10,000 Base XP in Operations, Random, Co-op, Ranked, or Clan Battles. For Tier VI—12,000 XP; Tier VII—14,000 XP; and to obtain Vladivostok you'll need to earn 16,000 XP.
As soon as you complete the mission, the corresponding battleship will arrive in your Port together with a 3-point Commander, a Port slot, and all modules researched and purchased. 
You can complete these missions until June 24.
Please note: in Update 0.8.3 you can't research the next ship in the branch and a single account can get each combat mission only once.
How do Soviet battleships differ from their counterparts?
The concept of Soviet battleships presupposes an aggressive playstyle and engagements at close and medium distances.
  • Their main battery guns have good accuracy at close and medium distances, but as a trade-off they suffer from having the worst shell dispersion at long distances among all same-type ships. The accuracy of these battleships changes more dramatically with distance than it does for their counterparts.
  • Powerful guns with decent armor penetration only reinforce the role of Soviet battleships as capable close-quarters brawlers. At Tiers IX and X they have turrets with high rotation speeds and convenient traverse angles, allowing you to quickly get your bearings in battle and react to any emerging threat in a timely fashion.
  • Good armor that’s especially effective against high-explosive shells is another advantage, tipping the balance in favor of offensive tactics. Sailing at an acute angle will allow you to confidently advance while deflecting enemy shells.
  • Another asset helping these ships survive in close-quarters engagements is the "Damage Control Party" consumable with some special settings, namely a quick reload time that will come in useful for high-intensity situations. However, pay close attention to one unusual feature: this consumable has only a limited number of charges.
  • Despite having a rather large turning circle, Soviet battleships can easily carry out accurate maneuvers in the heat of battle and profit from their specific armor layout thanks to their quick rudder-shift times.
The new Soviet ships are quite unusual and differ from battleships of other nations. Keeping their peculiarities in mind, you'll need to review your conventional approach to the game. In return, the ships that form this new branch will reward you for skillfully working with the advantages they offer.
This is only the first part of the event that’s coming in Update 0.8.3. So hold tight, we have even more exciting things in store for you!
Select a team, fight, and earn rewards! The Soviet battleships await you!