World of Warships PTS 0.8.2 Round 3 Intergalactic Games

PTS 0.8.2 Intergalactic Games

Round 3 Schedule:

Starts: Thurs 21 Mar 16:30 UTC/GMT 
Ends: Mon. 25 Mar. 16:00 UTC/GMT

Based on your feedback and internal testing, balance changes for the Space Assualt mode have been applied.

  • The starting time of the attack on the map Risus increased to 11 minutes;
  • The starting time of the attack on the map Ludus increased to 10.5 minutes;
  • Reinforcement of main caliber and torpedo armament: reduced recharge time to 3% per level;
  • On the map Risus generators are slightly raised from the shelters;
  • Generator recovery reduced to 75 units per second;
  • For greater clarity, the glow effects of the generators have been reworked: now its letter index is displayed above the generator: A, B, C or D;
  • Fixed bug when the marker of the ships of the attacking team after the revival became semi-transparent and faded.
Special features of the Update test

  • Ships Rover, Trace, and Celestial from the Torpedo Beat mode will be removed from your account.

Select a new battle type and enter one of four modes for the Intergalactic Games:
Mode Schedule.
Mode Dates 
Round 3
Space Assault March 21, 16:30 UTC
March 25, 16:00 UTC

Please note: In order to unlock space battles as game mode, you need to play 4 battles in total. On the Public Test server you’ll start with the second account level. This means that most of the features will not be available (signals, camos and etc)! We need to test the changes to the progression system so play a few battles, quickly level up, and fight in space battles!

There are 4 new battle modes:
  • Space Assault: This mode features different objectives for two teams of 9 players. Attackers should destroy the defenders’ base after taking down the force field generators. Destruction of the generators adds more time for fulfilling the attackers’ main goal. Defending ships are constantly regenerating their HP, and this is improved for each generator or defending ship lost. Attacking ships respawn at their base after being destroyed;
  • Rings of Saturn: This is a tweaked Epicenter: the capturing process of inner caps doesn’t block outer caps from capture by the opposing team. Inner caps bring more points over time when held, so the team that captures them will have an advantage;
  • Binary Star: Each team base is located at the enemy spawn, that has a tremendous size. The zones gradually become smaller (until the limit is reached), so teams constantly have to attack not to lose their bases;
  • Torpedo Beat: This mode is based on Saturn’s rings. Only destroyers are allowed and there are 5 ships per team. The main weapon for the mode are torpedoes as the main guns work under the AI control like the secondaries. All ships have their maneuverability improved and acceleration/deceleration time lowered. The player who destroys an enemy, and all of the team that loses an ally gets one use of the “Repair party” consumable.

These battles will be fought on 4 space maps: Risus, Ludus, Navis and Appulse which are visually tweaked Estuary, Tears of the Desert, Warrior’s Path and Hotspot.

Combat Missions and Rewards:

1 2
Play one Random or Co-op Battle.
Reward on the live server: three signals of each type, excluding special signals.
Play 3 battles on aircraft carriers in Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the live server: ten "Type 6" camouflage patterns.
Complete a combat mission in Space Assault mode.
Reward on the live server: one of each of the following special signals: Scylla, Leviathan, and Basilisk.
Complete combat missions in the Binary Star and Rings of Saturn modes.
Reward on the live server: two of each of the following special signals: Scylla, Leviathan, and Basilisk.
Complete a combat mission in Torpedo Beat mode.
Reward on the live server: five of each of the following special signals: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra.
Complete all chains of combat missions in the Intergalactic Games modes.
Reward on the live server: 1 Day of Warships Premium Account
You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account in order to collect your rewards. No exceptions. If your Public Test account is registered to an email address that differs from your live server account email address, make sure you register a new Public Test account using your live server account email address.

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