March 26, 2019

World of Warships: UI Improvements Statement Q/A from Sub_Octavian

UI Improvements

UPDATED MAR 26, 2019

Sub_Octavian (WG) UI Improvments:

Is the UI team understaffed, the code too spaghetti or why do UI changes and improvements seemingly take forever to implement?

Sub_Octavian Answers:
  1. Yes, getting a trained UI programmer (even an experienced one should spend some time learning the game inner workings) is not THAT easy (but I wouldn't say we're really understaffed - we do hire and train new talent);
  2. However, even having many of them does not entirely solve the issue (giving birth to a baby generally takes 9 months regardless of how many women you ask to help, if you allow such analogy);
  3. Optimizing UI requires heavy rework of under-the hood part (that's why we do it piece by piece - turning spaghetti 1.0 into shiny optimized spaghetti 2.0);
  4. Adding new UI stuff should in most cases be delivered with rework of a respective component (or else it will harm the optimization);
  5. While technically setting ALL dev team priorities to UI improvements can make the process faster, it would mean several updates without really fresh content (and sorry, that will hurt the game much more - it's not a theory).
All in all, UI improvements and optimization is an important priority for us. Recently we optimized Port with ships switching, next up we're optimizing signal flags operations (ETA 0.8.3), and thus, component by component we want to make the UI much smoother and friendly overall. This is our real actual plan, and we're determined to deliver. But, on the other hand, such plan means that the improvements will be incremental and one should not expect a massive overhaul in one update.

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