March 12, 2019

World of Warships: The Sims Damage Farming Guide by The Top Sims Player DolphinPrincess

The sims damage farming guide

the Author:
I am Doiphin_Princess on NA/Twitch and the current top Sims player.
All games are solo and played in the past 21 days. The intent of this guide is to show people who call me a damage farmer what I can do when I ACTUALLY damage farm. The Intent of this guide is for players who want to elevate their stats. You can also use this guide to improve your farm, as Sims have a high exp modifier so doing a lot of damage would lead to large gains of CXP, FXP, and Credits. What I am about to talk about in this guide isn’t the optimal playstyle overall, but rather the optimal setup to provide the highest PR, please keep this in mind,
My Twitch stream link is at the bottom of this article.

Target Prioritization:
One of the most fundamental aspects to damage farming is knowing the most optimal target based on your ship’s parameters rather than simply “go after BBs”. Sims have one of the slowest shell travel times in the game alongside one of the lowest HE penetrations. Thus, going after something like a Fuso, which is covered with deck armor that would shatter Sim’s HE, would lead to extreme inefficient farming and likely a defeat. If you want to maintain a good win rate while damage farming, you must be efficient at it so that your damage would become high enough to carry your average potato teams.

To efficiently deal alpha damage with Sims, you have to know the area of the enemy ship in which you can penetrate and calculate how well you can hit said area at the distance it is away from you. For example, if I am smoked up 10km from a Colorado and a Aoba, I would fire at the Colorado because it is a larger and easier to hit target (I can easily penetrate its bow/stern/deck with IFHE) than Aoba, but if the BB was a Fuso, the area in which I can penetrate becomes smaller than that of Aoba and thus I would prioritize the Aoba.

Crop Rotation:
This is important to maximize fire damage. Note that fire damage should only be anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of your total damage, HE alpha is far more important than fire damage especially in top tier games. Generally speaking, if a target is on a single fire and has not DCP-ed, you want to swap to a different target. There are several advantages to this. First of all, your fire chance against a target that is already on fire is lessened because shells hitting the area that’s already on fire will result in 0% fire chance. Secondly, when you do light a second fire, the enemy is like to DCP which would negate the damage of your first fire as well, this makes his DCP use twice as efficient. Finally, you can bait the enemy into DCP-ing your single fire once you start shooting someone else because it gives them a sense of security. Oh, and if a BB decide to DCP the first fire you set on it, then there would be no need for crop rotation, simply make the BB regret using the DCP and focus him down.

Exploit Weaknesses:
This part is very straightforward but important nonetheless. Go after secondary spec-ed BBs. This mostly applies to German/French BBs and Massachusetts. The German BBs especially only have 8 shells and with terrible dispersion, the gap between the shells will always be wide enough to fit a tiny Sims thru. Additionally, the arcs in which the secondary guns will fire is horrible on German BBs, which often makes them turn broadside allowing easy salvos to hit their SS. I usually stay around 9-10km to the German BBs and open water gun them gun if they are secondary spec. French BBs are slightly more annoying because they have most of their guns in the front and are faster than German BBs. In this case I mostly just use the bait and start firing at 7-8km, let those secondary guns fire and make him commit only to smoke up right after. It’s unfortunate that you cannot punish the 32mm armor layout that CLs and CAs can, but Sims have enough torpedo power to take down a French BB if he does decide to rush you. If not, enjoy your easy double SS fire on the FP-less BB.

Massachusetts if the biggest threat out of secondary spec-ed BBs but still much less of a threat than a CE+FP BB. Normally, I would just kite a Mass at 11km, because Mass is a T8 it would mean that Sims is either mid tier or bottom tier. This means the threat of radar is much more prevalent. So if you smoke in front of a Massachusetts and does get radared, you will lose a large chunk of HP. At 11km, a DD like Sims should be nearly immune to secondaries, as they have little chance to hit you at that range. You want to stay at this range because if you kite at 12km the Massachusetts will simply turn away and the last thing you want to do is chase into one and have a Cleveland appear. Take the safe option and just accept some damage from secondaries rather than risk losing all your hp chasing one. And yes, it is absolutely worth the trade as a FP-less Massachusetts is pretty much an EXP and damage pinata. Its easy to hit with its large SS, its shell velocity is slow and easy to dodge, and it have no chance to go dark because of the lack of CE. Exploiting weakness doesn’t always mean the weakness in a player’s choice of specs, but also a player’s mentality. Secondary spec BB players like to see their secondaries go off like fireworks, take advantage of that, let them have their fireworks at 11km, make them think they can damage you and charge you, then give them the biggest firework at the end (their ship’s explosion).

Damage is dealt via guns, stop trying to stealth torp. Most of the time it is unreliable and requires you to not only be in stealth, but also not firing (this means no smoke fire as it will spook your target). The new 7km Sims torps have high enough alpha for yolo runs and anti-yolo runs (where the enemy charges your smoke). The farm build doesn’t even have enough points for CE and Sims without CE have a surface detection greater than 7km. The only time I stealth torp is when the enemy is coming at me at some angle and that he is completely unaware of my existence. This most happens at late game where the BB is trying to get to another place on the map sailing in a straight line toward it. Other than that, smoke and yolo use only, as I talked about in the last section, you needed these in close ranged fights.

Speed Boost, AA, and CV:
I don’t run DFAA on Sims. I don’t see a reason why you would want to sacrifice speed boost on it. Sims have the best maneuverability tier for tier and has a very good base top speed for a USN DD. This allows Sims to do most of its open water gun boating like Russian DDs can. Sims have a long smoke duration and a short smoke downtime. This means that if you can get into a good position and smoke, you can literally farm for minutes on end, just when the enemy thinks the smoke finally fades after all this time, the next one comes in just 30 seconds. However, Sims does have a very high base cooldown, so if you waste it, you better have that speed boost up. Speed boost gets you to good positions, allows you to trade better, and can be used when you need to yolo. So how to counter CVs without DFAA? By knowing how to position properly. This means not charging the caps, not going near the caps, and not push ahead of your team. Caps are lava is not a myth, it’s a reality If there is a CV in the game, the CV automatically does a lot of the spotting, so you don’t need to be spotting as much. Your job is to wait for the intel on the enemy’s “plan”. Target prioritization and exploiting ships that are ideal for you to hunt, then commit to the side with speed boost, smoke up, and farm. Remember that Sims have an extremely small air detection radius, so as long as you aren’t direction in the path between the CV and his target, you won’t be spotted, P exists for a reason. If you get caught by the CV on your way from your fleet to your farming location, you have mis-timed your push, play more frogger.

Aggression Balance:
Last but most importantly, aggression balance is the utmost when it comes to damage farming. You stop doing damage when 1 of 2 things happen: either you die or the game ends. Picture a graph, on the X axis you have the health of your ship, in this case around 16k for Sims. On the Y axis is the duration of the game, or 20minutes. This means that you should take around 800 damage per minute. Falling ahead of this curve means that you can play more aggressively and do more open water, while falling behind on the curve means that you need to play passively and smoke/island fire. Keep in mind that a game may not last 20 minutes, which will change the slope of the curve as well, if by 10 minutes your team is up 3 caps and have more than 700 points, its time to yolo. You only need 1 hp at the end of the game, anything more than that is wasted potential. Its obvious the optimal potential efficiency is near impossible but in most games you should end up with 0-5k hp at the end.

I will use 1 more example with the Massachusetts I talked about earlier, because balance of aggression is really that important. If I am a half hp Sims and the game is only 3 minutes in, I would be kiting at 12km, not even baiting him in, if he chooses to turn away I will not follow. If the game is 10 minutes in (and fairly even), I will proceed as normal and farm him at 10-11km in a trade. If the game is nearly over either by clock or by ships, I will charge to 7km, smoke up and farm him. Its all about risk vs reward. The risk is always your hp and ship, what you are risking by fighting a Massachusetts up close is possibility of death and not being able to do anything for the rest of the game. The rewards remain the same: farming his hp. So as the game progresses what you risk becomes smaller and smaller, thus risker and more aggressive plays will payoff better and better.
Captain Skills:
PM (You need this without LS, also to make sure your torp tubes don’t get blasted in rushes)
AR (The skill that’s too good to pass on any surface ship)
SE/SI/DE/BFT (Classic gun boat DD 4x3)
IFHE (Allows you to pen cruisers as well as having a very easy time killing lightly deck armored BBs such as NY/NM/Colo/Nagato/Warspite/QE etc as well as the bow and stern on many T7 and below BBs)

Main battery Mod 1 (You are a DD, your turrets and torpedoes get incapacitated a lot)
Engine Boost mod 1 (Speed Best)
Aiming Mod 1 (Your best AA is not to be seen by CV)
Propulsion Mod 2 (And laugh as BBs try to hit you at range)
Sims Gameplay by DolphinPrincess:
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Its farming Simulator 2019, eh, eh? Anyone?