March 27, 2019

Clan Battles "Land of Fire" Season Win up to 11,000 Steel: World of Warships

UPDATED: MAR 27th, 2019

Commanders, the fifth season of Clan Battles, codenamed "Land of Fire", is knocking at your door—earn up to 11,000 Steel!
The basic rules remain the same, with Clan Battles being available for teams of 7 players who are part of the same Clan. All Tier X ships are eligible, except for aircraft carriers, and there’s a maximum of one battleship per team.
Between April 1 and April 8, you’ll have an opportunity to redistribute your Commanders’ skills for free. Plan your time properly when preparing for Clan Battles!

Starts: Wed. 03 Apr. 13:00 UTC/GMT
Ends: Mon. 20 May 07:00 UTC/GMT

Gaming sessions available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
On the days of any update releases, no Clan Battles will be held.

Prime time in different regions (UTC/GMT):
  • ASIA 12:00 - 15:30
  • CIS 16:00 - 20:00
  • EU 17:00 - 21:00
  • NA 23:30 - 03:30
Please note: You can select your preferred prime time only once per day. The selected prime time settings will be reset once the prime time of the American server ends, and you'll be able to select the most convenient time for you once again. The settings reset time can be seen in the game client.

cross Server matchmaking
The specific prime time of a Clan is an essential restriction that allows the matchmaker to promptly pick opponents with a similar Rating to that of your own Clan for battles. However, a prime time available on one of the servers will not necessarily be suitable for all players primarily due to the large number of time zones. To make your gameplay experience more comfortable, we've designed a new technical feature called the "cross-server matchmaker".

Now, Clan Commanders can select their preferred prime time for any of the four servers: Europe, America, Asia, or the CIS. Thus, if the "standard" prime time of your region happens to be inconvenient for your Clan on a given day, or if you want to demonstrate your skills to players from other regions, you have the possibility of finding opponents on another server at a more convenient time. Moreover, you’ll still get all pertaining rewards from fighting as a guest on whichever server you are on, while your accounts remain on their “native” server.

The matchmaker picks opponents based on the Clan’s skill, which is reflected in the Clan's Rating. The more Clan Battles you play, the higher the probability that you’ll be matched against worthy opponents.

To select a prime time, create a Division with your Clanmates and play your first Clan Battle of the current day’s gaming session. After hitting the "Battle" button, your Division's Commander will see a screen prompting them to confirm their choice of server. You can select your desired prime time for Clan Battles beforehand using a special menu that’s available under the Clan Battles icon in the Battle Types section. The prime time can be selected by a Clan's Commander, Deputy Commanders, or the Clan's Recruiter.
Please keep in mind that after the prime time has been fixed for the current day, you can change the prime time of subsequent days only.
Also note that when you participate in battles held in a different region (other than your "native" one), you may encounter latency issues. This can occur when the server for your battle is located in another region.

As you might remember, there are five main leagues in the Clan Rating system, each divided into three Groups.
  • The starting—Squall League
  • Gale League
  • Storm League
  • Typhoon League
  • And for the most battle-hardened Clans—Hurricane League
The Hurricane League doesn’t have any interim Groups, hence there are no limits on the Rating points you can earn there. To progress to the next League, players need to win three out of five Progression Battles. When their number of Rating points is 0, they will need to win three Relegation Battles to stay in the Hurricane League.

Clan rating
The Ratings of all Clans will be reset to standard values, but for each battle played in the various Leagues (except for the starting “Squall” league) during the "North" Season, Clans will get 50 bonus points (up to a maximum of 200 points). All battles count towards a unified global Rating, which enables you to compare your results with those of other Clans from all over the world, as well as from your server.

Rating system re-tweaked

We are continuing the work of enhancing the way the matchmaker functions in Clan Battles, which has resulted in the following improvements for the "Land of Fire" season:
  • Clans with an average Rating will face opponents that are closer to them in terms of their Rating.
  • Matchmaking for Clans with high or low Ratings has been significantly accelerated, while still maintaining the quality of matchmaking.

Second team in Clan Battles

Clans have two Ratings: "Alpha and Bravo".
The Clan's lead Rating will be the one with the highest value.
To unlock the ability to select a team (i.e. a particular Rating), you need to erect the first Expansion for the Officers' Club in your Clan's Naval Base.
Once you have set up a team, and before you press the "Battle" button, the Commander, Deputy Commanders, or the Recruiter can use the team menu to select the Rating to play for.
Thus, Clan players will be able to choose a Rating depending on their style of play—whether serious battles to grow their influence and occupy the top position, or relaxed battles to play with friends and test new tactics and ship combinations.
Personal achievements in Clan Battles are issued after a battle played for any of the Ratings. Combat missions in the Clan season remain personal, and can be completed in battles played for any of the Ratings.
Battles will be counted towards a combat mission’s progress only if the player fulfilled them in the specified League.

The new season of Clan Battles brings a new set of special achievements for players. To claim them all, you’ll need to play at least one battle in each of the following Leagues:
League Condition
Squall Reach the Squall League or higher in the "Land of Fire" season
Gale Reach the Gale League or higher in the "Land of Fire" season
Storm Reach the Storm League or higher in the "Land of Fire" season
Typhoon Reach the Typhoon League or higher in the "Land of Fire" season
Hurricane Reach the Hurricane League in the "Land of Fire" season
Land of Fire Rank first in the "Land of Fire" season

During the "Land of Fire" season, players can earn up to 11,000 Steel!
The total amount of Steel you can earn remains the same, but in the new season we’ve changed the order of its accrual. You still need to complete more combat missions, but they are much shorter in comparison with the larger missions of the previous seasons. Thus, it will be easier for players to accumulate this valuable resource.
For example, during the "North" season you could receive 200 Steel for 7 victories in the Squall League, another 500 Steel for 8 victories in the Squall League, and an additional 500 Steel for completing these two missions, making 1,200 Steel altogether. Now, each of the first 15 victories in the Squall League will bring you 80 Steel, totaling the same amount of 1,200 Steel.

Combat Missions in Leagues

In each League, you can earn valuable rewards by winning battles. All you need to do is win!

Other Combat Missions

In Clan Battles, you can complete other combat missions, too. The following combat missions, once completed, will bring you extra Free XP per battle and Oil for your Clan. You’ll also be able to replenish your supplies of signals and other valuable in-game goodies.

We’ve carefully considered your feedback and improved the map selection algorithm in the "Land of Fire" Season. Now the probability of the same map being rolled out several times in a row is significantly lower.
In the new season, battles will rage on the following seven maps: Islands of Ice, Land of Fire, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, and North. All battles will use Domination mode.
On all maps, the following rules apply:
  • Number of key areas: 3
  • Capture time: 40 seconds
  • Points from a captured key area: 3 points per 4 seconds
These changes have been made to improve the balance between teams in Clan Battles, and have no noticeable effects on other battle types.
Warrior's Path and Mountain Range
  • Ships will spawn closer to the center. This will help ships acting mostly on the flanks to make it to their positions quicker at the beginning of a battle, enabling them to join the action earlier.

Sea of Fortune
  • Key areas have been relocated. The key area once located on the left side of the map has been moved inside the central key area.
This key area arrangement was used in the first season of Clan battles and, considering the changes made in the game, it stimulates more active and offensive playing tactics of the teams.

the x rented ships
When the season starts, any player who plays a Random or Clan Battle with a Tier VIII–X ship, will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use:
British battleship X [Conqueror],
Japanese cruiser X [Zao],
Soviet destroyer X [Grozovoi].

On April 19, they will be replaced by:
German battleship X [Großer Kurfürst],
Soviet cruiser X [Moskva],
Japanese destroyer X [Shimakaze].

The last trio:
Japanese battleship X [Yamato],
German cruiser X [Hindenburg],
American destroyer X [Gearing].

will arrive in your Port on May 3.

The ships are given for temporary use under the following rules:

  • The ships will be available in Clan Battles only.
  • A special timer near the ship image in the Port will warn you about the expiration of the rental period.
  • You won't be able to mount any type of camouflage on these ships.
  • You’ll be able to re-assign Commanders to rented ships without penalty.
  • Rented ships will bring you the same rewards as researchable ships.
  • When these ships are removed, their Commanders will be automatically sent to the Reserve, and the upgrades, consumables, and signals will be moved to the Inventory.
  • If the ships have alternative modules like Gearing's torpedoes, you can mount them at no cost.
  • If the Commander was recruited specifically for a rented ship, their specialization will remain the same after the ship is removed from the account.
  • If the Commander was recruited for a rented ship and then re-assigned to another ship, their specialization will remain the same after removing the ship from the account.
  • The ships are added together with a Port slot. The slot will be removed from the account together with the ship.
We wish you the best of luck in Clan Battles and new record highs for your Clan's Rating!