February 19, 2019

#worldofwarships 0.8.1: "Fly Strike Win" Event: British Carriers - Rules and Rewards

"Fly Strike Win" British Carriers

British aircraft carriers will be available for early access with Update 0.8.1. Complete the missions and Directives of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event and earn the privilege of being among the first to stand at their helms.
In this article, we'll give you some insight into how you can maximize your results and avoid missing out on something important!

New Aircraft Carriers

A new temporary category called "Fly! Strike! Win!" will appear in the Arsenal, offering three bundles with the following researchable British carriers:
  •   IV Hermes
  •   VI Furious
  •   VIII Implacable

Distinctive Features of British Aircraft

British planes have more HP than their same-tier counterparts, and boosting that advantage will enable you to carry out daring attacks against ships with strong AA defenses. To do so, we recommend equipping the Aircraft Armor and Survivability Expert Commander skills and upgrades which can be mounted in slot 4.
British bombers drop their payloads in a different manner, i.e. by delivering a large number of bombs using a high-level bombing technique. Their dispersion ellipse is stretched in parallel to the course of the squadron, and is larger in size than the dispersion ellipses of bombers of other nations. This feature allows you to deal massive damage on a well-performed approach to your target.
British attack aircraft carry a large number of rockets, and their torpedo bombers are equipped with powerful, yet short-range, torpedoes. British torpedo bombers have good maneuverability but a relatively low cruising speed, which allows them to make an almost immediate U-turn by using Boost to slow down.
Please note that aircraft carriers are still subject to balance tweaks. Therefore, the technical characteristics of U.K. carriers may change with future updates. Balance tweaks affecting aircraft carriers can potentially be made after the carriers hit the live servers. This decision rests on the fact that, during tests, players often adopt a play style that’s different from the way they act on the live servers. This makes it impossible to bring balancing factors to their final state during testing. In making any changes, we would very much appreciate your feedback and support!
To get the bundles containing British aircraft carriers, you’ll need to obtain the new temporary resources—Crowns and Florins—introduced especially for the “Fly! Strike! Win!” Event.

How to get Crowns:

  • Complete the Directives of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event.
  • Complete chains of daily combat missions.
  • Obtain them in exchange for doubloons in the Arsenal (this option can be used three times only).

How to get Florins:

  • From Air Supply containers earned by completing the combat missions and Directives of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event.
  • Complete chains of daily combat missions.
  • From Air Supply Premium containers purchased in the Premium Shop.

Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

The "Fly! Strike! Win!" event welcomes you with new missions and rewards.

  • As before, you get four new Stages, with each lasting for one week. A Stage consists of four Directives, each comprising six to eight combat and economic missions, with rewards ranging from various in-game loot to Crowns and Air Supply containers.
  • The "Fly! Strike! Win!" event will be available to players that have reached level 12 in their Service Record and play with Tier V-X ships in Random and Co-op Battles. Some of the missions can be completed in Operations.
  • For each Stage, Directives open consecutively, day by day. All missions of a Stage are available until that Stage expires, which means that you can log in to the game on the fourth day and still complete all of them in one sitting. Please note, however, that you can climb to the next Directive only upon completing a certain number of missions from the previous one.
  • After a new Stage opens up, the missions of the preceding one will no longer be available.

Hall of Fame

Once you're done with all of the Directives of a given Stage, you gain access to the Hall of Fame. Here you can earn a reward by achieving a certain rating score.
Superior LeagueTop 5% best players3 days of Warships Premium Account
Diamond LeagueTop 5-10% best players1 day of Warships Premium Account
Golden LeagueTop 10-25% best players3x "Battle Hardened" camo
Silver LeagueTop 25-50% best players3x "Ocean Soul" camo
Bronze LeaguePlayers who earned at least 1 point by the Hall of Fame rules3x "Blue Lagoon" сamo
  • At the end of each week, the top 100 players will get a dedicated achievement called "Amongst Heroes". If two or more players are sitting on the borderline with the same number of points scored, they all pass to the top.
  • The crediting of points is put on hold three hours before the beginning of the next Stage. A special announcement in the Port will forewarn you about this.
For more details, check out the rules for crediting Hall of Fame points, which can be found in the game client.

Air Supply Containers:
Air Supply Containers:
A chance to get a combat mission with one of the following British ships as its reward:
  • Edinburgh (Tier VIII), 
  • Hood (Tier VII), 
  • Duke of York (Tier VII),
  • Vanguard (Tier VIII).
  • 1x special signal flag (Basilisk, Hydra, Leviathan, Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Scylla, or Ouroboros), or an expendable Union Jack camouflage pattern.
  • 50x Florins.
  • An item from the Naval Aviation collection
Low chance of a premium ship mission.

The Premium Shop will offer a special Premium container with even more rewards:

A chance to get a combat mission with one of the following British ships as its reward:
  • Edinburgh (Tier VIII), 
  • Hood (Tier VII), 
  • Duke of York (Tier VII), or 
  • Vanguard (Tier VIII).
  • 9x special signal flags (Basilisk, Hydra, Leviathan, Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Scylla, or Ouroboros), or 9x expendable Union Jack camouflage patterns.
  • 100x Florins.
  • An item from the Naval Aviation collection.
Increased chance at a premium ship mission.

Florins and Crowns:
"Fly! Strike! Win!" Florins & Crowns End

Details of Combat Missions

  • The combat missions will be available until May 31.
  • The rules of the mission to get the ships are simple: earn 5,000 base XP in Random, Ranked, Co-op Battles, and Operations, with Tier V-X ships.
  • The ships will appear in your Port with a Port slot and Commander with 3 skill points.
  • Cruiser Edinburgh will be credited in her stock build, with fully researched and purchased modules.
  • If you already have any of these ships in your Port, you'll receive compensation in credits equal to the base price of the ships, including any active discounts.

Union Jack camouflage specifications

"Fly! Strike! Win!" in the Arsenal

The new category allows you to exchange your earned Crowns and Florins for bundles with researchable Royal Navy aircraft carriers   IV Hermes  VI Furious and   VIII Implacable.
  • To help ensure that your new ships are ready for instant action, the bundles will also contain Commanders, Coal, days of Warships Premium Account time, and combat and special signal flags.
  • The bundles with aircraft carriers can be exchanged consecutively, one by one. Each bundle is available only once per account.
  • Crowns can only be exchanged for bundles containing the British aircraft carriers. Any remaining Crowns can be converted into Florins at an exchange rate of one to eight (1:8), but only during the fourth week of Update 0.8.1. Florins can be exchanged at any time for other in-game valuables: credits, Warships Premium Account time, Union Jack camouflage patterns, and economic and combat signal flags.
  • At the same time, obtaining Tier VIII aircraft carrier Implacable will take more than just converting doubloons into Crowns and acquiring Air Supply containers; you will need to complete several Directives and daily combat missions.

Bundles for Crowns and Florins

Bundles for Florins

Exchanging Crowns and Doubloons

With the release of Update 0.8.2, any remaining Crowns will be automatically converted into Florins at the exchange rate of 1:8. When Update 0.8.3 goes live, all Florins (including those in unopened Air Supply containers) will be converted into credits at an exchange rate of 1:4,000.
Discount coupons will not apply to items of the new temporary category.

Naval Aviation Collection

This collection will be permanently available in the game.
The new collection comprises four sections, with each containing four unique collectible items under the following categories: aircraft models, signals of landing signal officers, and badges of U.K. carriers.
As a reward for completing the thematic lists, you will be able to choose between various color schemes for camouflage patterns.
The first item of the collection can be obtained from the Air Supply containers. The rest will appear in Air Supply containers and daily containers. All you need to do is to activate the subscription on the Collection screen by enabling the "Collect" option.
You will be able to exchange duplicates for any missing items of the Naval Aviation collection at an exchange rate of 5:1. You can choose which item you will receive in exchange for duplicates. Upon completing the collection, all remaining duplicates on your account will be exchanged for credits at the following rate: 1 duplicate = 15,000 credits.
Explore the new U.K. carriers. Let your opponents and allies feel their genuine might!