February 15, 2019

World of Warships: Wichita Enters The Premium Shop "On Sale Now" inc Tuccy Live Stream

American Cruiser Wichita

  VIII Wichita:
a unique heavy cruiser, inheriting architecture from cruisers like Brooklyn. This is the last American cruiser built under the restrictions of the London Treaty. Effective artillery calibre 203 mm, high speed, excellent manoeuvrability and air defence system make the cruiser versatile in battle.
Take advantage of offers for packages with a ship, combat, special signals and camouflage!
Packages are available for purchase until 01 Mar 06:00 (UTC/GMT)

Main Characteristics:

  • 9 guns of 203 mm calibre, located in the three towers of the Civil Code. It has a short range of fire (15.8 km), which is compensated by flat ballistics and effective rebound angles of armour-piercing shells. Able to destroy destroyers and inflict serious damage to cruisers at medium range.
  • A good air defence system, consisting of the famous Bofors, Oerlikon, Mk24 and Mk30 guns.
  • High for American cruisers, the maximum speed of 33.6 knots, as well as the fast transfer of rudders - 6 s.
  • Increased profitability in loans, as well as + 50% experience due to constant camouflage.
Detailed vehicle specifications are available HERE.
The first 25 battles on the ship in any mode will bring three times more experience. Available until June 30, 2019; can only be received once per account.
World of Warships Wichita Live Stream
Today we welcome the new heavy cruiser   VIII Wichitato the US Navy fleet! Join in on the welcoming party today for an hour of fun with WG_Lumberjack and Tuccy as they showcase the new ship's abilities in-game!

Stream starts: Fri. 15 Feb. 14:00 CET (UTC+1)
Stream ends: Fri. 15 Feb. 15:00 CET (UTC+1)