February 09, 2019

World of Warships NA Events: WarGames IV: Kolombangara - Community Smackdown 2019

WarGames IV: Kolombangara, Community Smackdown 2019

From the team behind the NA King of the Sea tournaments comes another opportunity to throwdown with friends and win stuff. 

Here's a quick rundown: 
  • Tier X
  • 9 vs 9 battles
  • Max 14 team members on roster 
  • Class limits: 3 capital (carrier or battleship) ships per team, no more than 1 carrier
  • Players can only be rostered with one team
  • This is an NA-only tournament.
Each event is a one day tournament for a maximum of sixteen (16) teams.  It consists of three rounds of Swiss play, followed by a cut to a Top 2, single elimination bracket to determine the final placing.  

With Update 0.8.0, this is the first opportunity to experience competitive-level play with reworked carriers. Are you up to the challenge?

Note: This is a community-run tournament and is in English only.

Map pool:
The following maps will be rotated in Domination battles: 
  • Sea of Fortune
  • Tears of the Desert
  • Warrior’s Path
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Land of Fire
  • North
  • Trap

  • 1st Place: 1,000 x   Doubloons,  500 x  Steel and the *Participation Prizes for each team member.
  • 2nd Place: 500 x  Doubloons, 250 x  Steel and the *Participation Prizes for each team member.
  • *Participation Prize:  10x "FTW" Camos and 2 x  Warship Premium Days.
Prizes will be paid out by Estimated Delivery Date, Feb 16.

registration & info:

schedule Dates/times:
Registration Deadline and Start Date