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Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans

If you and your clan mates get past the qualifying Preparation mission during the week, you will be able to pit yourselves against other Clans in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles over the weekend. Win these Engagements and earn stars by completing special missions to take home the biggest possible haul of resources!

What’s in it for my Clan?
Oil is a valuable Clan resource in World of Warships, being necessary to build structures in the Clan Base. Every structure provides Clan members with a permanent bonus that can include: reduced costs of researchable ships, bonuses to various types of XP per battle, and even a bonus to the amount of earned resources for the use in Arsenal – Steel and Coal.
Up until now it has been possible to earn Oil as a reward for completing combat missions, challenges, and events, or to obtain it from containers. But with Update 0.8.0 comes another way – the Naval Battle competition.

The Naval Battle competition will be held every week without interruption starting on Monday, February 18, 2019.
  • Monday-Thursday: Clans complete a mission to qualify for the week’s Engagement.
  • Friday-Sunday: Eligible clans compete against each other.

Clan Registration:
In Update 0.8.0, a new section titled Naval Battle will appear in the Clan tab within the game client, where you can find a calendar with the event’s schedule. A Commander, or their Deputy Commanders will be able to register the Clan for participation in the competition for each coming week.


from Monday till Thursday

To earn the right to compete against other Clans in the event, your Clan has to complete a special Clan mission with a set objective of earning a certain amount of base XP.
  • The mission conditions depend on the total size of the Clan.
  • It can be completed from Monday till Thursday in battles of any type, except for Training Battles.
  • The maximum Contribution of each player is limited. Thus, the more active players you have, the easier it will be to achieve the common goal.
  • You can check the progress of the common mission completion, as well as your Contribution towards it, in the Preparation tab in the Naval Battle section. There you can see the date and time until which it’s possible to complete the combat mission.
  • The common combat mission is divided into several parts, the completion of which will bring you Oil.
Once your Clan has completed the mission, a message will be displayed confirming its successful completion. If the Clan doesn't fully complete the mission, it will not receive access to the next stage. However, it will still earn Oil for the progress that's been made.


from Friday till Sunday

On Friday the Preparation stage ends and the Engagement begins! Clans from all servers which have completed the combat mission will compete in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles from Friday till Sunday.
  • Clan members will receive access to a special table at the beginning of the Engagement. The table will display ships by type and nation, with 19 categories in total.
  • A chain of combat missions is available for each category. The requirement is the same for all missions: earn the specified amount of base XP per battle.
The missions can be completed on ships of any tier in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
The Clan objective is to surpass its opponent by the number of stars earned for completing the missions on the table.
To start completing the missions, players need to enter the Naval Battles section in the Clan tab, and confirm their participation in the competition by pressing the “Count Attempts” button. From that moment, their attempts will be counted as part of the common result of the Clan.
Note that the series of battles counted in the Engagement can be interrupted at any time. If you quit an unfinished battle and interrupt the series of battles by pressing the 'Count Attempt's button, the result of this battle will still be counted as an attempt.
If a player completes a mission, they acquire a star for their Clan, which gains the Clan access to a more complicated mission. An attempt is spent on each battle regardless of its result. Each player has ten attempts only for an Engagement.
An Engagement can end with a victory, draw, or defeat. The result determines the amount of Oil and number of special rating points the Clan receives. These points affect the selection of opponents for the Engagement. The Clan’s rating can be checked out in the relevant tab of the Naval Battle section. This is a non-decreasing rating, the increase of which depends on the success of the Clan in the competition during the Engagement stage.

Oil is the main reward for the Naval Battle competition. It is earned by all participating Clans according to the activity of their participation.
  • Clan can earn up to 800 Oil for the Preparation stage
  • Clan can earn 50 Oil for every 10 stars in the Engagement
  • Clan can earn 700 Oil for victory
  • For a draw 400 Oil
  • For a defeat 300 Oil
Oil earned during the Preparation stage and obtained for stars will be added immediately, while Oil earned for the Engagement results will be added when the stage ends.

  • Those players who join a Clan after the Preparation stage is over will not be able to participate in the current week's Engagement. However, participation will be possible again in the following week.
  • If a player leaves a Clan after pressing the "Count Attempts" button, the stars earned by them will remain in the Clan.
  • If members of the same Clan enter a battle in a Division on ships of the same category, the results will be counted in ascending order. In other words, if both ships of the same type earn enough base XP for either mission in a chain in a battle, both missions will be considered completed in the same battle.
    • For example, the following missions are set for the category of Soviet destroyers: earn 1,000 base XP; and earn 1,100base XP.
    • Two players participate in a Division consisting of Soviet destroyers Udaloi and Tashkent. The player on Udaloi earns 1,000base XP for the battle, while their comrade earns 1,050. The player on Udaloi earns a star for the Clan, opening access to a more complicated mission. However, Tashkent scored lower than required for the second mission. Thus, the attempt has been spent in vain. If Tashkent had earned 1,100 base XP or more, both players would have brought stars to their Clan for completing both missions.
Good luck in earning Oil for your Clan and raking in stars!

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