World of Warships: Weekend Missions: Minsk Perm Camo, FXP Bonus, Siege of Leningrad Flag and More

Weekend Missions: Minsk Perm Camo, FXP Bonus and More

Day of Lifting the Siege of Leningrad

Start: Fri. 25 Jan. 05:00 UTC/GMT London
End: Fri. 01 Feb. 05:00 UTC/GMT London
On January 27, 1944, twenty-four volleys of 324 guns were fired by the city of Leningrad, marking its complete liberation from a blockade that had lasted 872 days.
On the occasion of this event, you can participate in battles and get a bonus to Free XP, as well as complete a combat mission with signal flags as a reward.
Tier VII Minsk Perm Camo:
Complete 10 x Combat Mission of "The Daily Missions Series"
Reward: 1 x Tier VII Minsk Perm Camo.

Lifting The Siege of Leningrad Flag:

Siege of Leningrad Flag
Apart from that, There is a dedicated marathon of missions. Complete 10 out of 14 available chains of daily challenges between January 25 through February 1 to get a permanent camouflage for destroyer Minsk, coupled with a commemorative flag! To get the flag, simply log in to the game within the three-month period following the release of Update 0.8.0.
One More Step:
Play a battle
Reward: +100% to Free XP.
Ship Restrictions: Soviet Tier V-X ships.
Battle Type Restrictions: Operations, Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
You can complete this combat mission 5 times a day.
Lifting The Siege:
In battles, earn 5 of each of the "Set on fire" and "Hits to citadel" ribbons.
Reward: 10x Sierra Mike signals.
Ship Restrictions: Soviet Tier V-X ships.
Battle Type Restrictions: Operations, Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
The combat mission can be completed once only.
Sail Strike Win!:
Final Reward: 1000 Coal Sierra Mike signals.
Ship Restrictions: Any Ship of Tier V or Higher.
Battle Type Restrictions: Random, Co-op, Scenario, and Ranked Battles.


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