January 17, 2019

World of Warships: Q&A Sub_Octavian responds to Questions regarding recent Bans and Probhibted Modifications.

Sub_Octavian gives answers regarding probhibted modifications and bans.

In the latest PSA/FAQ from Sub_Octavian regarding probhibted modifications and bans Phil was so kind to answer a lot of questions in the comments. On top of that he scurried through a few other topics during the last days and he asked me to put those into a readers digest.
To which I'll gladly said yes.

Question: Can you confirm that having an unaltered (other than being renamed) config.ini file in your WOWS directory will trigger a warning/ban?

Answer: If it's not in and is not a dll, that's not a threat, and won't trigger the detection. Preferences.xml is not. And tbh, I'm not sure what config.ini do you mean? I don't believe we have such file in the build.

Question: Good to hear UI is being worked on. Any place where we can have more information about this?

Answer: So, if we speak of port UI lags, surerly we know it's bad and that's an important challenge to fix. We have a dedicated dev branch for that, and for now it looks promising. I really hope you will see the results soom, but, as it's still WIP, unfortunately I cannot give you solid statement yet.

Question: Given the state of the client itself (looking at you UI), why should we have any faith at all that the quality of the anti-cheat isn't just as bad?

Answer: We cannot SWAT into your house and check your rig, but we do everything we can technically and legally do on our side to make sure the game is safe. These illegal mods are not rocket science, our detection is not rocket science, and it works because it is created with a single clear purpose - to detect when someone or something messes with the components that should be left alone. Even judging from the numbers and huge whining on "cheater forums" we're doing good so far.

Question: Would it not be possible to release a singleplayer/offline client for World of Warships?

Answer: No. We're not giving away all server-side code and stuff like ballistics. It's not secure, not viable and, from our judgement, not really needed.

Question: Please make sure the existence of the check tool is properly communicated. I'm one of your fucking testers and I didn't know about it.

Answer: WG Check tool is not a tool for illegal mods detection, so it's irrelevant here.

Question: at least WG come out and admit there can be some mistakes.

Answer: I mean it's something like "what if my knife breaks and cuts my hand when I am slicing bread". It can happen - right? But the chance is so low. And yes, if that ever happens, we will do our best to heal the damage.

Question: Will this PSA be also shown in the wargaming launcher or in the in game in the news section?

Answer: It will be shared where there is demand, but I doubt it's worth website publication.

Question: i am using a customized camouflage.xml to "fix" my personnal tastes of ships' camos (i guessthousands of other people are doing it too). I obviously think that this is harmless, nonetheless, i would like to be sure i am not risking anything with that, and that this kind of customization will remain possible in the future

Answer: Xml should be fine, because you're not interrupting and not interrupting with game process. However, that's assuming you know what you are doing

Question: What about mods to allow 120+hz monitor's? If you change the ini it crashes... if you install some mod packs you can safely upgrade refresh rate. Is this frowned upon?

Answer: If you install approved mods, they do not break the rules ( or dll). If they don't break the rules, they are not "frowned upon" :-)

Question: Is there a list online somewhere? I don't use any mod, but there could be some fun things in those "approved" mod and modpacks... so now I'm curious to what legal mods are (never questioned that before ahahha)

Answer: Go to the respective official forums :) Everything is in there.

Question: How will you deal with a malicious mod maker revising a popular mod so that it intentionally gets thousands of people banned? If the issue is vulnerable files, the solution must be to protect the files. There needs to be a wall between crucial files and mods. Aslains is trusted but not under WG control, one person could get thousands banned if they wanted to

Answer: I love healthy paranoia, and I share some of your concerns. We don’t let the bans go automatically and do exactly what you said - collect records, check the portion, apply action. Because it’s much safer to avoid any incidents.

As for hosting. For now, we cannot allocate resources to this task but it is on wish list.

BUT! If you download official ModStation tool (via official link of course), it will only download mods from a secure host and we (WG staff) check and place mods there. And there are about 300 mods available! So please refer to official forums and use ModStation - probably it’s the safest thing apart from not using mods at all.

Soon it will be presented on website as well.

Question: Speaking of detection - there were reports of people who received warning for allowing FXAA via AMD/Nvidia control panel. Now I presume its injecting some files, Im not sure whether people should be warned over GPU driver feature though

Answer: GPU driver features are fine.

Question: Why is Navigator, running lights, clear vision (fog remover) all allowed? All those mods give you extra information that would not readily be available to other players, and thus a huge advantage. Is it fair that people with mods have such a huge advantage over people without mods?

Answer: Fog is more about visuals, and actually we will add the knob to tune it in vanilla at some point.

Navigator and lights only highlight the information that is available anyways - in different form. If you really need navigator to do angling, please use it by all means. If you really need the lights to understand the direction, please use it by all means. As long as they are officially approved, you are fine. However, from general point of view, they don't give any real advantage - this is of course opinion, but it is based on our reaearch and evaluation.

We would probably add them to vanilla as well, but for now, we don't have resources of UI guys to dedicate to such task, and also, they seem too hardcore for the majority of players. But we will consider it.

Question: Has any mod ever been de-approved? Some players consider the angling indicator and direction light from Aislans borderline cheating. Is it possible for WG to change stance towards these mods and then strike players for not uninstalling them?

Answer: I don't see it happening with these two mods. I can only recommend installing them to those who truly believe they are so good. Our research and personal game experience tells that they don't, and we don't see the point in being stricter than needed.

Question: Now I hope you guys combats the botters more aggresively,

Answer: As for botting, or, maybe "botting": where can I download a bot for WoWS? DM please. Thanks!

Question: So basically if one wants to make sure he's in the clear: Run the WG checker every once in a while before using the official mod-station?

Answer: So, this is very important. WG CHECK IS NOT INTENDED FOR THIS PURPOSE.

WG Check can find an allowed mod. Allowed mod is still 3-rd party, but it is allowed and safe.

I mean coincidence could happen and WG Check may help you, but please don't rely on it, it's not magically checking you for illegal mods.

Question: Is there statistics avaible where you can see what, and how many people is banned for (botting/afking/chatbanned/illegal mods) for each region?

Answer: We don't disclose most of such numbers, as we don't believe it's really healthy thing to do for the community. But speaking precisely about the illegal mods issue, as I've said it's roughly 1000 people in each region for the last period (late 2018-early 2018).

As for regional disparity, it's not too big. I'd say the numbers fluctuate between 1200 and 800, and surely you remember that the server population is not even either - and it correlates.

Question: Speaking of fighting against cheaters/botters/riggers (larger scope of unsportsmanlike conduct), would it be feasible for WG to out these confirmed players on official platforms such as forums? A relatively recent case where this was done is the T10 ranked CV rigging on RU servers where the players were directly outed along with the sanctions.

Answer: As I said it's roughly 1000 per region for late 2018 - early 2019. Also, a part of these are guys who forgot to uninstall Reshade properly. I dont want to give numbers breakdown and nicknames, as it's against our community interaction principles. We don't want to encourage hate and witch hunt. And these riggers were rather special case.

Unfortunately, most people who really think like that continue to believe what they want, and each time they are deleted being broadside, they will complain cheaters are everywhere. It's the same shit as "CCT get better RNG" and "Please stop giving me noob allies".

Question: I don't have GZ, I don't plan to buy it. But I'm curious as a frequent victim of this nonsense, what's going to happen to it? What changes will there be? I couldn't find anything about it.

Answer: General plan for all prem CVs: unscrew their balance where needed, test it, try to find good spot for them in meta, give people time for dbl refunds, announce when their balance is safe and finalize it, close refunds.

Also, I look forward to GZ. I don't care if she is nerfed, but dat Stukas 3rd person view....

So, premium CV owners will be able to refund their premium CVs for doubloon value until we can safely say that we're done balancing them. After that, we will stop offering refunds.

Question: Lock on apparently still not fixed?

Answer: Re-opened. Thank you. Le sigh..... :(

Question: Could we get an official clarification on running World of Warships on Linux through Steam Play or WINE?

Answer: Yes, sure you can.

Unfortunately Linux is not officially supported in World of Warships. Our tech guys say that theoretically, WINE should be fine, as any proper wrapper, and they even tested it when they had time.

HOWEVER, as I said, it's not an officially supported way to play the game, so, we CANNOT guarantee anything or bear responsibility.

If you're playing the game that way, you're doing it at your own risk.

Sorry, but as a product, we cannot officially cooperate here.

Also, WoT and WoWS are different games, teams, studios and even tech. So if something works for WoT it is not necessarily relevant for WoWS - don't assume that automatically please.

Question: Is aslains mod pack OK?

Answer: The mods in the official forum mod section (only in this section!) are pre-moderated. Please check the rules about mods there, it will help, I believe.

There is only one unfortunate nuance...theoretically an ill-intended user could edit the post and change the link...but I don't see it happening with our modders community tbh.

Anecdotes: Can't help but notice some 'super unicom' players haven't played a single game in the past 4~5 days. lol

Answer: Yeah, some people are just too elite to play fair. I have a funny case - I know that in one of the top clans, after the ban wave hit, one of Montana mains came to discord and said "sorry guys, I have serious personal issues, so I won't be able to attend CB for the next 7 days". His commander got suspicious and pushed the conversation, and eventually a dude did confess. And he said "but it's the first time I do it"...

Anecdotes: Just the fact that you think someone who has invested more than £500 into this game would willingly use illegal mods boils my blood.

Answer: I don't think, I know. I literally had players DMing me "but I bought dozens of premium ships, why the hell can't I use aim assist? I am paying customer, it's outrageous".

And the final one:

Question: What is your therapy ship?

Answer: When things aren't going MY way in the game, I reach for Kitakami on special dev build and look at her. My little day.

takes cover