World of Warships RU: Competition Screen Capture Date "01/18/19" Big Prizes

Competition Screen Capture Date "01/18/19" Big Prizes


How about spending the weekend in the game not only fun, but also being rewarded with big prizes? Take part in this competition, share screenshots of post-combat statistics and win prizes - random containers, Christmas gifts, doubloons and even supercontainers! Read the detailed rules of participation and go to battle.

How to participate?

To participate, you must post your answer in a special topic on the forum. 
Post a screenshot of the results of your battle in a special topic on the forum. On the image in the line "Received for the fight" must be a sequence of numbers: "18", "01" and "19". The more combinations, the more prizes. To participate in the competition requires at least two sequences.
Your message should contain only a screenshot of the battle with the tab "Personal result". You can discuss the competition in another topic .


  • 2 combinations - 3 random containers;
  • 3 combinations - 1 New Year's gift and 3 random containers;
  • 4 combinations - 1 New Year's gift and 2019 doubloons ;
  • 5 combinations - premium ship to choose from those that are now available in the premium store or in the game client for doubloons;
  • 6 combinations - 12 super containers;


The use of graphic editors is prohibited.
  • It takes into account the number of specified combinations of numbers in the "Received for the battle" line.
  • Combinations in each of the items (“Credits”, “Experience” and “Free Experience”) are considered separately.
  • The number of combinations is summed from all three points.
  • Only 1 screenshot from one player is accepted. If there are more screenshots, only the first one will be taken into account.
  • In the standings are the battles played in the following types of battles: Random battle, Cooperative battle, Operations.
  • Only battles on ships of level V and above are counted.
  • The battles that began in the period from January 19, 2019 00:00 (MSK) to January 20, 2019 23:59 (MSK) are taken into account.
  • Acceptance of screenshots for the contest will end on January 21 (Monday) at 12:00 (MSK). 
  • You can edit your message until January 21 (Monday) 12:00 (MSK). 
The beginning of the fighting
Starts: January 19, 00:00 (MSK)
Ends: January 20, 23:59 (MSK)


  • How to make a screenshot of the tab "Personal result"?
Here is a  link to the instructions .
  • How to post a screenshot on the forum?
It is enough to find the screenshot folder in the game folder and drag your screenshot from it to the forum post. 
 Good luck, commanders!

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