January 28, 2019

World of Warships: Ranked Battles Season 11 - Rules - Maps - Rewards

Ranked Season 11

Basic Rules of the Season

Season duration: 27 days
  • The Eleventh Season runs from January 31 till February 26.
  • In order to participate in Ranked Battles you will need to have achieved at least Level 14 in your Service Record.
  • Only Tier IX ships are allowed in these battles.
  • As the Eleventh Season of Ranked Battles lasts only one month, there is total of 18 Ranks, fewer in comparison to the previous season. For simplicity, they have been combined into Leagues: Second, First, and Premier.
  • Battles are held in a "6 vs. 6" format, and team line-ups will be completely equivalent in terms of ship types and tiers.
  • New players of Ranked Battles will start the Season from Rank 18. Those who participated in the Tenth Season of Ranked Battles will get bonus stars, one for each Rank they previously attained.
  • By winning battles, players earn the stars needed to climb the ranking ladder. At the majority of Ranks, a defeat means a lost star.
  • Ranks 18-15, 12, and 1 are irrevocable, and you cannot lose a star for defeat at Ranks 18-17. Be the first on your team in terms of XP earned and keep your hard-earned star even for a lost game.
  • A bonus star is granted for reaching a new Rank between Ranks 18-11.
  • Unique stars are counted to get a Ranked Battles emblem.
  • The flags given for reaching Leagues will be removed from players' accounts when the Season ends.
  • All participants who have reached Rank 15 will receive a commemorative flag for participating in the Season, which will remain in your collection after its end.
The island of Malta, an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the Allied forces. It became a deciding factor in the fight for the Mediterranean during World War II, being at the epicenter of numerous large-scale battles at sea and in the air over a period of several years.
Initially, the League of Sea Wolves was designed as an experimental activity during which players who reached Rank 1 could demonstrate their skills and mastery in battle against opponents of the same Rank. However, due to its low popularity and the impossible task of making rewards in the League similar to those of other in-game activities, there were frequent cases when battles could not be assembled and the waiting time was too long. Considering the above-mentioned points, we want to announce that the League of Sea Wolves will be canceled for all seasons, starting with the Eleventh.

Areas with Buffs

The Eleventh Season of Ranked Battles will be held in Arms Race mode on five maps: Islands of Ice, Trident, Warrior's Path, Sleeping Giant, and Mountain Range.
The main objective of the mode is to eliminate all opponents, accumulate 1,000 points, or reduce your enemy's points to zero.
The visual part of Arms Race has been refined. To bring it closer to the reality of naval battles, special transport aircrafts have been added which drop containers with useful cargo – buffs. These aircrafts cannot be destroyed, and the cargo will always be successfully dropped.
  • Special areas that can be seized will appear on the map, indicating the places for cargo drops. They will be marked with a white circle and display a timer showing how much time is left till the cargo is dropped.
  • The cargo will not be dropped in a period shorter than two minutes.
  • Once the cargo has been dropped into the water, the area’s color changes and becomes green.
  • A ship has to enter the green area and through doing so, activate it, in order to receive the buff.
  • If several ships are within an area at the moment of its activation, the team with the most ships within it gets the buff.
  • If the ship numbers are equal, the area will not be activated until the balance has shifted.
  • All allied ships have one level of the buff applied, while the player who activates the area gets two levels!
There are five types of buffs, consisting of six levels. Buffs last until the end of a battle. When a similar buff is activated in another area, they stack.
For example, if a player using destroyer Khabarovsk activates an area with a buff that reduces ship detectability, and accordingly gains two levels of the buff, their ship’s detectability range is reduced from 10 to 9 km. If they get the next level of the buff, the modifier increases to 15%, further reducing the ship’s detectability range to 8.5 km, and at level 4 it will become 8 km.
All five buffs can be applied to the ship simultaneously. The more areas you activate, the greater the advantage you get!
A team earns 20 points for each activated area, while the opposing team loses 20 points.

End of Battle

Eight minutes after the battle starts, a key area appears in the center of the map with a capture time of 150 seconds. The area grants 10 points per second for holding it. By capturing it, you can quickly get a point advantage and win if the remaining opponents don’t act quickly enough.

Bonus Stars for the Previous Season

According to the established tradition, all of your achievements from the previous season are accounted for, so you won't have to start from scratch. Depending on the Rank at which you finished the previous season, you will be granted a certain number of bonus stars. The maximum possible number is 22 stars. If you reached Rank 1 in the previous season, you will start the new season from Rank 9. Rewards received for attaining the preceding Ranks will be added to your account automatically.


Rank in the Tenth Season of Ranked Battles Bonus Stars Starting Rank in the New Season
22 1 17
21 2 17
20 3 16
19 4 16
18 5 15
17 6 15
16 7 14
15 8 14
14 9 13
13 10 13
12 11 12
11 12 12
10 13 11
9 14 11
8 15 10
7 16 10
6 17 10
5 18 10
4 19 9
3 20 9
2 21 9
1 22 9

Rewards for Ranks

In the Eleventh Season of Ranked Battles, you will be able to earn 5,500 Steel as a reward for progressing through all the Ranks. Steel can be exchanged for the desired ships in the Arsenal. Reaching Rank 1 will also bring you Copper, which can be exchanged for special camouflage patterns for   VII Flint and   IX Black. Each camouflage pattern can be obtained for 3 Copper.
Remember that Steel earned in Ranked Battles can be exchanged for Coal, which you can use to obtain other in-game items in the Arsenal. Exchange rate: 10 Coal for 1 Steel. Reverse exchange—Coal for Steel—is impossible.
Rank League Reward
17 2 15 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, Mike Yankee Soxisix, 250 Steel
16 2 15 signals of each of India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot, Hotel Yankee, 250 Steel
15 2 Flag of the Second League (Bonus: –5% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service) and a —Āommemorative flag for participating in the Season
14 2 15 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, Mike Yankee Soxisix, 250 Steel
13 2 15 signals of each of Zulu, India Bravo Terrathree, Papa Papa, Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu Hotel, 250 Steel
12 2 15 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot, 250 Steel
11 2 350 Steel, 250 doubloons
10 1 Flag of the First League (Bonus: −10% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service)
9 1 10x "This is your day, Commander!" camouflage patterns, 300 Steel
8 1 10x "Hunter" camouflage patterns, 300 Steel
7 1 10x "Victory Salute" camouflage patterns, 300 Steel
6 1 5x Dragon signals, 500 Steel
5 Premier Flag of the Premier League (Bonus: –20% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service)
4 Premier 5x Red Dragon signals, 500 Steel
3 Premier 5x Ouroboros signals, 500 Steel
2 Premier 5x Wyvern signals, 500 Steel
1 Premier 50x "Type 3 – Ranked" camouflage patterns, 2,500 doubloons, 5x Hydra signals, 1,000 Steel, 1 Copper
Fight, win, and set new records on your way to Rank 1!