January 04, 2019

World of Warships NA: New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon Mission

New Year's Dress-Up: Camo Marathon Mission - NA Region Only

New Year, New You!
Ready to strut your stuff for the New Year? Set sail in any ship painted with the listed camo during the Dressing Up for the New Year event for 20 battles and score some coal and a camo pack! 
You'll have to opt-in to join! Clicking the Participate button below will enter you into the event and grant you a single New Year Streamer  camo to confirm your entry. 


Opt-in via the Participate button above 
Player must fight 20 battles in any ship with the following holiday camouflage:
  • Type 5 
  • Halloween 
  • Halloween 2016 
  • New Year 
  • New Year 2017 
  • New Year Streamer 
  • Valentine's 2017 
  • Le Fheile Padraig (St. Patrick's Day) 
  • Frosty Fir Tree 
  • Stars N' Stripes 
  • World of Warships Anniversary 
Battles do not need to be consecutive, or all in the same ship -- just make sure the camo is on! 


Meet the criteria above and get the following loot sent to you by Jan. 11:
1,000 Coal.
Camo Pack: 
  • 5x FTW 
  • 5x Storm Wind 
  • 5x Tokyo Game Show 2017 
  • 5x Commander's Day 
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