January 21, 2019

World of Warships EU: Server Downtime Compensation Payouts

Server Downtime Compensation Payouts

Last weekend, WG had major server outages which prevented a lot of you from playing World of Warships. At the moment we have a temporary fix in place, but to make sure everything works as it should we will have to conduct additional maintenance later this week.
To make up for the disruption and inconvenience caused, WG are offering the following:
Those of you who played at least one battle since January 5 up to January 20 (when the issue was solved) will be able to claim:
  • 2 Days of WoWS Premium Account.
  • 2x Belle Époque containers.
  • Each EU clan will receive 2000 Oil.
WG will update this publication, with instructions on how to claim your compensation once the issue is fully resolved. 
WG sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience.