January 02, 2019

World of Warships Statement: CV Rework WG (Sub_Octavian) States an AA Fix is Essential

WG (Sub_Octavian) States an AA Fix is Essential

Statement From Sub_Octavian WG

Hey guys,

Following your discussions about current state of AA balance (or, according to many of you, complete lack of it) on PTS, I would like to give you a quick update. Sorry for not doing it earlier, but there are long state holidays in Russia at the moment, and it takes more time to react to anything properly.

  1. Long and medium range AA "bubbles" (these flak explosions you're supposed to avoid) currently deal too little damage on PTS. Thanks for your feedback, and you're absolutely right that this needs to change. New settings will be applied soon with PTS update.
  2. Some of you have expressed concerns that AA on all ships will generally be too weak in late game due to heavy HE fire, and that will be especially painful with unlimited planes CVs have. First of all, AA mount HP has already been increased approximately two times across the board. We will continue monitoring this gameplay aspect, and apply more changes, if needed.
  3. Another big concern was lack of punishment for CVs because of unlimited plane reserves. Due to p.1, the balance is currently skewed in favor of CVs - they simply don't lose enough planes, and thus, don't experience too much penalties. However, unlimited reserves come with cooldown for each plane lost, so when AA works as intended, there will be big noticeable difference for a CV that actively sacrifices the planes.
  4. With that in mind, we also see a lot of comments about AA-centered ships that currently lack efficiency on PTS. After AA is fixed in general, these ships will be checked as well. Our goal here is to keep all ships that are famous for their AA capabilities on live server strong in the same niche. Another thing to keep in mind is that with the new concept, close and medium range AA mounts are as important as long ones. AA "auras" now are separate, as opposed to overplapping/stacking that we have now, and additionally, commander skills has changed, and there is no huge DPS modifiers previously available. Long range AA has already been buffed by 15% range to compensate the change, and we will keep paying attention to it.
  5. Unfortunately, any isolated test, be it PTS or Beta, cannot fully reproduce live environment. We will do our best to get good starting balance settings for 0.8.0, but from there, it will definitely require tweaking and polishing. Please don’t treat any balance settings on PTS and further 0.8.0 release final – they are not.
We realize that bad game balance on PTS spoils the perception of CV rework in general, and the rework itself is controversial to many of you. This change is probably the biggest in scale we've ever had, and this is a huge challenge both for the team (to implement and support) and players (to explore). We’re moving further with it, because Beta results were good and proved the concept works well. But surely there is a lot of work ahead. We’re thankful for your feedback and help, and knowing that any change that huge is a stress, we ask you to give it some time and attention.


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