Ranked Battles Season 12, Rules, Maps, Rental Ships, Rewards: World of Warships

Season 12 brings Aircraft carriers, along with rental ships, this will allow mearly every player to join the fight even if you don't own a Tier X ship. 

  • All players who have access to Ranked Battles in their Service Record can participate in the new season. Newcomers to World of Warships will need to play 200 battles in any game mode to unlock this possibility.
  • Only Tier X ships are allowed.
  • Battles are held in a 7 vs. 7 format, and team line-ups will be completely equivalent in terms of ship types.
  • The new season has 18 ranks. For simplicity, they have been combined into Leagues: Second, First, and Premier.
  • Those who are new to Ranked Battles will start the season from Rank 18. Participants of the eleventh Ranked Season will receive bonus stars: one for each rank reached.
  • By winning battles, players earn the stars needed to climb the ranking ladder. At the majority of ranks, a defeat means a lost star.
  • Ranks 18-15, and 12, are irrevocable. You cannot lose a star for a defeat at Ranks 18-17. Be the first on your team in terms of XP earned, and you get to keep your hard-earned star even for a lost game.
  • A bonus star is granted for reaching a new rank at Ranks 18-11.
  • Only stars obtained for the first time are counted towards progress for the Ranked Battles emblem.
  • Flags given for reaching Leagues will be removed from players' accounts once the season ends.
  • From now on, you’ll receive a commemorative achievement for reaching the first rank in the twelfth season and the seasons that follow. Additionally, this achievement will be credited to all players who earned the first rank in the eleventh season.
  • All of those who reached Rank 15 will receive a commemorative flag which will remain in your collection.
Countdown Countdown


In consideration of the many game balance changes, aircraft carriers are now ready to make their return to Ranked Battles. It's an important event, both for the updated ship type and the competitive game mode. In Update 0.8.4, interaction between aircraft carriers and other ship types has been improved:

  • The altitude of bomb release has been increased for dive bombers carrying high-explosive payloads, and the reticule's ellipse has become narrower and longer. Bombs will now fall near the ellipse's edge more often than in its center. Active maneuvering will make it harder to hit a small target and destroyers will have more possibilities to oppose this aircraft type.
  • Reticule aiming settings of bomber planes carrying high-explosive bombs have been changed in order to preserve the interaction between these aircraft and other ship types. Aiming will begin during the preparation stage for an attack and will happen quicker, while flight maneuvering will have less of an effect on it.
A group of ships presents the most difficult target for aircraft carriers, but a solitary ship is always desirable prey. Maps and game modes for the new season are selected with that peculiarity in mind, so that ships are able to provide support to each other while repelling air raids. Key areas are located in a way that makes it easier for both teams to control them without spreading out.
In the new season, each team has a hard limit of one aircraft carrier.

Rental ships

Do you want to test your skills in the competitive mode, but don't have a Tier X ship? In the twelfth season you’ll be able to use rental ships in Ranked Battles.
Play a Random or Co-op battle on a Tier VIII ship or higher and receive a Ranked rental ship of the same type. You can also obtain Ranked rental ships by playing a Ranked Battle on a Tier X ship you already own.

List of rental ships for Ranked Battles:

  •  X [Shimakaze]
  •  X [Gearing]
  •  X [Grozovoi]
  •  X [Moskva]
  •  X [Zao]
  •  X [Hindenburg]
  •  X [Montana]
  •  X [Conqueror]
  •  X [Yamato]
  •  X [Großer Kurfürst]
  • Ranked rental ships are given for temporary use and will be removed from accounts with the release of Update 0.8.5.
  • The ships will be available for Ranked Battles only.
  • A special timer near the ship’s image in the Port will indicate the expiration of the rental period.
  • You can't install camouflage on these ships.
  • You’ll be able to reassign Commanders to Ranked rental ships without any penalty.
  • Ranked rental ships will deliver the same rewards as researchable ships.
  • When these ships are removed, their Commanders will automatically be sent to the Reserve. Their upgrades, consumables, and signals will be moved to the Inventory.
  • Alternative modules (i.e. torpedoes on Gearing) can be mounted for free.
  • If a Commander is recruited for a Ranked rental ship separately, their specialization will be changed for the starting ship of the corresponding nation.
  • If a Commander was recruited for a Ranked rental ship and then reassigned to another ship, their specialization will remain the same after the former is removed from the account.
  • Ships are credited together with a Port slot, which will be written off with the ship once the rental period is over.

Game maps & modes

Battles will be held on the following maps: North, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Shards, Riposte, and the new Greece map. There are two game modes:

  • Domination: several variants of key areas in the layout are provided, partially borrowed from Clan Battles.
  • Epicenter: the center and rings are captured independently. The capture of outer rings will not be blocked if any of the inner rings are being captured by the enemy.

Bonus Stars for LAST Season
According to established tradition, all of your achievements from the previous season will be accounted for, so you won't have to start from the scratch. Depending on the Rank at which you finished the previous season, you’ll be granted a certain number of bonus stars. The maximum possible number is 17 stars. If you earned the maximum number of stars in the previous season, you’ll start the new season at Rank 10. Rewards issued for the preceding ranks will be added to your account automatically.

The main reward for ranks remains the same—a total of 5,500 Steel and 1 Copper which you can exchange in the Armory. In addition, you can earn a commemorative flag, sets of signals, expendable camouflages, and doubloons.
Please note: compared to the previous season, the amount of Steel in the Second League has been reduced by 300 units, and increased by 300 units in the First League.

New Apocalyptic Themed Game Mode to be added Soon to World of Warships Plus Video

UPDATED: May 24th, 2019


Testing of a new event with a post-apocalyptic theme.
The battle involves four teams of three players each with squads allowed. Participation is limited to special ships,  destroyers in special forms divided into three different categories:
  • Ships with a good detectability range, weak main battery guns controlled by artificial intelligence and function as secondary armament and powerful torpedoes. Z-52, Shimakaze and Daring were used as prototypes for these models.
  • Ships with weak and slow torpedoes, but strong main battery guns controlled by artificial intelligence and function as secondary armament, good maneuverability and engine power. Yueyang, Gearing and Kléber were used as prototypes for these models.
  • Ships with average torpedo with a long cool-down, accurate main battery under player control and high speed. Grozovoi, Harugumo and Khabarovsk were used as prototypes for these models.
Compared to the original ships, the characteristics of the in-event ships have been specifically changed for the new mode.

Also added nine new commanders, decorated in the post-apocalyptic theme.

All ships are equipped with consumable Repair Party and can be additionally equipped with Smoke Generator, Hydroacoustic Search, Torpedo Reload Booster, Main Battery Reload Booster or Engine Boost.

Players will start the battle without charges of consumables and will be able to replenish charges with the activation of special zones, which will give either one charge of “Repair Party” equipment or one charge of a random consumable available on the ship.

Battles will take place on a new map, specifically created for the new event. The safe zone of the battle will gradually contract and all ships behind it will receive constant damage. The winner of the battle is the team that survives the longest. Also added special camouflages dedicated to the event, new containers, and a temporary resource.

The new port has been added to the game specifically for this event.

IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the finalised information is released.


ARK ROYAL Tier VI British Aircraft Carrier WIP Stats World of Warships

UPDATED: May 24th, 2019

ADDED: Latest Stats
More Data added when available

Wows Gamer Blog wichita Tier VI British Aircraft Carrier Ark Royal
Bombers and torpedo bombers of the Ark Royal are inferior in hit points to their classmates, which is compensated for by the large size of the squadrons. Despite a large number of aircraft in the squadron, you must carefully choose your target for attack and not forget about the small number of hit points.

  • Hit points: 44500. 
  • Plating: 19 mm.
Secondary Armament: 
  • 8x2 113 mm.
AA defense:

  • 8x4 12.7 mm. 
  • 6x8 40 mm. 
  • 8x2 113 mm.
  • Maximum speed: 31 kt. 
  • Turning circle radius: 990 m.
  • Rudder shift time: 12.8 s.
  • Surface detectability: 14.4 km.
  • Air detectability: 11.8 km.

Attack aircraft
  • Hit points: 1245.
  • Maximum speed: 161.0 knots.
  • Size of attacking flight: 3.
  • Aircraft per squadron  9.
  • Aircraft restoration time: 48 s.
  • Detectability range: 10 km.
  • Number of aircrafton deck: 14.
  • Rockets in playload: 4. 
  • Maximum rocket damage: 1500.
  • Armor penetration: 26 mm. 
  • Chance of fire: 5 %.
Torpedo bombers:
  • Hit points: 1110.
  • Maximum speed : 132.0 knots.
  • Size of attacking flight: 3.
  • Aircraft per squadron: 6.
  • Aircraft restoration time: 81 s.
  • Detectability range: 10 km.
  • Number of aircrafton deck : 9.
  • Torpedoes in playload: 1.
  • Maximum torpedo damage : 5200.
  • Aerial speed: 35 knots.
  • Torpedo range: 2 km.
  • Torpedo arming distance 329 m.
Dive bombers:
  • Hit points:  990.
  • Maximum speed: 133.0 knots.
  • Size of attacking flight: 3.
  • Aircraft per squadron : 9.
  • Aircraft restoration time: 56 s.
  • Detectability range: 10 km.
  • Number of aircrafton deck: 14.
  • Bombs in playload: 12.
  • Bomb type: HE.
  • Maximum bomb damage: 2300.
  • Armor penetration: 18 mm. 
  • Chance of fire: 9 %.

IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released.


BISMARCK IN ACTION Discounts, Missions and Rewards World of Warships

bismarck in action
Countdown Countdown
Join the Hunt for Bismarck: from May 24 until May 28, earn twice as much XP for the first victory of the day, develop the branch of German battleships, and earn containers of the Hunt for Bismarck collection. The legendary ship herself can be obtained with a 50% discount. Reinforce your fleet with one of the most effective battleships in close quarters combat of World of Warships.
  • +100%  XP for the first win of the day.
  • −50% to the cost of Tier II–V German battleships in  Credits.
  • −30% to the cost of Tier VI–VII German battleships in  Credits.
  • −15% to the cost of Tier IX–X German battleships in  Credits.
  • −50% to the cost of Bismarck in  Credits.
Bismarck in Action!
Survive & win a battle receiving 1,000,000 HP of potential damage.
Reward: 2000  XP
Ship restrictions: Bismarck or Tirpitz
Battle type restrictions: Operations, Random, Co-op Battles
You can complete this mission 3 x times daily.
German Attack
 Get into the Top-3 players of your team by XP in a victorious battle.
 Reward: Container of the Hunt for Bismarck Collection
 Ship restrictions: Tier V–X ships
 Battle type restrictions: Random, Operations, and Ranked Battles
You can complete this mission only once.
The Hunt for Bismarck
 Be the first to spot the German ship.
 Reward: Container of the Hunt for Bismarck Collection
 Ship restrictions: Tier V–X ships
 Battle type restrictions: Random, Co-op, Operations and Ranked Battles
You can complete this mission only once.
The Hunt for Bismarck Containers
 Can be bought in lots of 5 for 5,000 Coal in the Armory.
 Contains: 7x Standard Signals
 Contains: 2 items from the Bismarck Collection
Description: They were originally awarded for completing standard tasks in the Bismarck campaign. In January 2018 they were awarded during weekend combat missions.

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