September 06, 2019

[MOD] WOWS REALM TOOL (Switch Regions With Ease) by Autospy World of Warships

WoWs Realms Tool (Switch Regions With Ease) 

Works Fine Latest Patch/Update

"Autospy" offers players a small WoWs "Realms Tool" utility for switching regions (RU EU NA ASIA) with ease, using only one region with just a click of a button.
(All regions must be using the same "Patch")

In this case, it does not matter on which client of the game you will use this program. For example, you can install a client for a European server and switch it to work with an RU (CIS) server in a region very easily.
However, please note that this utility is intended to switch informally the client from one realm to another, you must have accounts for each individual server.

  1. Close the game client if it is running,
  3. Unpack the WOWSRealmsTool.exe file to the root directory of the game, for example, C: / Games / WorldOfWarships,
  4. Run the WOWSRealmsTool.exe file, select the desired region for the game and click "Apply". After that, you can close the utility and start the client.

  • The utility does not conflict with the installed modifications , although it is better to use it after installing all the mods,
  • After the release of the next patch, you will need to run the utility again and set up the desired realm, if it is different from the native client,
  • After the release of the next patch, the utility itself does not need to be updated if a new version is not published in this topic.
Restrictions on the use of functionality:
  • To play on other servers, you must have a registered account (account) on a specific server,