December 06, 2018

World of Warships : 2 x Free Santa Containers - Here's What Ships You Can Win! includes Doubloon Value for Each Ship Missouri - Kronshtadt - Belfast etc...

Santas Lootboxes Arrive, Here's What Ships You Can Win!

All Santas Lootbox containers may include a random "Premium Ship", including rare ships such as Missouri, Imperator Nikolai I, Gremyashchy, Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, Kamikaze, and Giulio Cesare.

2 Free Santa containers are waiting for you to collect in-game.
(See image below)

Santa containers in Missions during 0.7.12 Patch

Some containers can be obtained in battle, through valiantly accomplishing Combat Missions or fighting in Clan Battles. Containers may also arrive with Daily Shipments and can be granted as rewards for completing the New Year-inspired collection: "Belle Époque". These features will open up gradually throughout the entire duration of the New Year update.

Tier IX Missouri - Duplicate can not be won.
Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov - Value 10250 Doubloons
Tier VII Belfast - Value 8200 Doubloons
Tier V Giulio Cesare - Value 5200 Doubloons
Tier V Gremyashchy - Value 2350 Doubloons
Tier V Kamikaze - Value 2350 Doubloons
Tier IV Imperator Nikolai I - Value 2800 Doubloons
Tier IX Kronshtadt - Duplicate can not be won.
Tier IX Musashi - Duplicate can not be won.
Tier VIII Alabama - Value 12200 Doubloons
Tier VIII Gascogne - Value 12400 Doubloons
Tier VIII Kii - Value 12900 Doubloons
Tier VIII Massachusetts - Value 12750 Doubloons
Tier VIII Roma - Value 13100 Doubloons
Tier VIII Tirpitz - Value 12500 Doubloons
Tier VIII Atago - Value 10700 Doubloons
Tier VIII Prinz Eugen - Value 11000 Doubloons
Tier VIII Asashio - Value 9300 Doubloons
Tier VIII Kidd - Value 9100 Doubloons
Tier VIII Le Terrible - Value 9500 Doubloons
Tier VIII Loyang - Value 8000 Doubloons
Tier VII Ashitaka - Value 9200 Doubloons
Tier VII Duke of York - Value 9800 Doubloons
Tier VII Hood - Value 9700 Doubloons
Tier VII Scharnhorst - Value 9500 Doubloons
Tier VII Atlanta - Value 9000 Doubloons
Tier VII Boise - Value 8500 Doubloons
Tier VII Duca degli Abruzzi - Value 8600 Doubloons
Tier VII Indianapolis - Value 7500 Doubloons
Tier VII Nueve de Julio - Value 8500 Doubloons
Tier VII Błyskawica - Value 4800 Doubloons
Tier VII Haida - Value 5600 Doubloons
Tier VII Leningrad - Value 5250 Doubloons
Tier VII Sims - Value 5000 Doubloons
Tier VII Z-39 - Value 5900 Doubloons
Tier VI Arizona - Value 6600 Doubloons
Tier VI Dunkerque - Value 5200 Doubloons
Tier VI Mutsu - Value 6550 Doubloons
Tier VI Warspite - Value 6500 Doubloons
Tier VI Admiral Graf Spee - Value 4700 Doubloons
Tier VI De Grasse - Value 5500 Doubloons
Tier VI Duca d'Aosta - Value 4700 Doubloons
Tier VI Huanghe - Value 5400 Doubloons
Tier VI Molotov - Value 4550 Doubloons
Tier VI Perth - Value 4800 Doubloons
Tier VI Aigle - Value 4650 Doubloons
Tier VI Anshan - Value 3700 Doubloons
Tier VI Gallant - Value 4500 Doubloons
Tier VI Monaghan - Value 4600 Doubloons
Tier VI T-61 - Value 5400 Doubloons
Tier V Texas - Value 5150 Doubloons
Tier V Marblehead - Value 3100 Doubloons
Tier V Murmansk - Value 3000 Doubloons
Tier V Krasny Krym - Value 2950 Doubloons
Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Value 5050 Doubloons
Tier V Okhotnik - Value 2700 Doubloons

If you get a ship that you already own, it will automatically be swapped for a different ship from the list. In this situation, a New Year container dropped onto the transport ship in the Port will be changed for a supercontainer, and you will get a ship that comes with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points.

If you get a ship that is already anchored in your Port and have collected all the ships that have a chance of being dropped in Santa's containers, the transport ship will be displayed with a New Year container placed on its deck. Once you open the container, you will see the ship it initially carried. That ship, however, will not steer into your Port. Instead, you will receive the ship's price in doubloons, a Port slot, and a Commander with 10 skill points.
Good Luck, Merry Xmas & Happy New Year
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