December 26, 2018

World of Warships: 0.8.0: New Flags and Emblems Coming Soon

New Flags and Emblems Coming Soon

0.8.0 Emblems
Year of the Earth Pig.
In celebration of the Year of the Earth Pig.
Year of the Earth Pig.
In celebration of the Year of the Earth Pig.
Celebrating the beginning of Spring 2019!
0.8.0 Flags
HMS Exeter.
HMS Exeter, the last heavy cruiser built for the Royal Navy, was commissioned in 1931. In December 1939, she participated in the battle against German raider Graf Spee off the estuary of the River Plate. In March 1942, the ship was sunk by Japanese squadron during the Second Battle of the Java Sea.
The island of Malta, an unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Allies, was the critical point in the fight for the Mediterranean during World War II. It was in the epicentre of massive combat action in the sea, and in the air, during several years of war.
Irian Flag.
The Indonesian Navy received their most powerful surface artillery ship in 1963, when the U.S.S.R. transferred the Project 68-bis light cruiser Ordzhonikidze to Indonesia.
Iowa Flag.
This is a memorial flag for those who have visited the Battleship Iowa. Together with Pacific Battleship Center, the World of Warships marks the memorable collaboration between the game and the museum. Honor the past and Action Stations!
Siege Leningrad Flag.
January 27, 1944 The Day Soviet Russia liberated Leningrad from the Nazi blockade.
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