World of Warships 0.7.11: Black Friday Ships and Details: Opening 24 Black Friday Containers Video + Shop Prices

World of Warships Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 Ships and Details


"You can't hit what you can't detect."

Asashio-B Doubloon Value 9300: Sale Price £20.64 - $29.64
If you already have Asashio B in your Port, you will receive 6,510 doubloons as compensation.

Atago-B Doubloon Value 10700: Sale Price : £23.40 - $33.50
If you already have Atago B in your Port, you will receive 7,490 doubloons as compensation.

Tirpitz-B Doubloon Value 12500: Sale Price : £26.92 - $38.39
If you already have Tirpitz B in your Port, you will receive 8,750 doubloons as compensation.

Massachusetts-B Doubloon Value 12750: Sale Price : £27.40 - $39.17
If you already have Massachusetts B in your Port, you will receive 8,925 doubloons as compensation.

Black Squadron All 4 Ships £84.98 - $120.77

You can also get these ships in Standard and Premium Black Friday containers.

1.“Black” versions of Tirpitz, Atago, Asashio and Massachusetts are fully identical to the original premium ships both in terms of gameplay and economy. The only difference is that they have special black permanent camos, with the same bonuses that original permanent camos have. In other words, if you compare “Black” and original ships, the difference is only visual.
2.The stats for Black Friday camouflage refer to the consumable camo below, As you know, we regularly introduce thematic consumable camos, and this will be one of them, available within the Black Friday event. Please accept our apologies for not being clear enough about that.
3.Black Friday will come with various discounts, deals and in some cases, with significant bonuses for all kind of players. Our main goal  is to give you a heads-up about the upcoming game content. So, please follow the news on this website to learn all the details further on – the publication will come closer to the event and will undoubtedly show you the whole picture.
Added an expendable camo called "Shadow Lurker" inspired by the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. Bonuses::
  • –3% to the ship's detectability
  • +4% to dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship
  • +75% XP per battle
  • +150% Free XP per battle
  • +100% Commander XP per battle
Black Friday containers are coming to the game! They can bring you one of the following items:
   Tirpitz B
Atago B
Asashio B
Massachusetts B
2x "Type 59" camo
250 doubloons
1 day of Premium Account time
5,000 Free XP
4x "Shadow Lurker" camo
The Premium Shop will offer Black Friday Premium Containers with the following loot options:
   Tirpitz B
Atago B
Asashio B
Massachusetts B
10x "Type 59" camo
1,250 doubloons
14 days of Premium Account time
35,000 Free XP
20x "Shadow Lurker" camo
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