World of Warships Balance Changes: American Tier III-IX BB Buffs

American Tier III-IX BB Buffs

Branch of American battleships tier III - IX:

Are slightly behind in efficiency from other branches of the class. Therefore, they get improved performance that will increase their average life time in combat:
  • The rudder shift time for Hull (A) has been reduced by 12%
  • The efficiency of Repair Party has been increased from 0,5 to 0,66 % of HP per second.
The change of Repair Party has been made for the American battleships of III - IX level, except Colorado cause this battleship already has such Repair Party.

New York:
  • Main Battery reload time reduced from 34,3 to 31 seconds;

Promo and Premium American battleships have good combat effectiveness at the moment and don't need improvement of propertys. Including due to their features:

  • Arkansas Beta has the ability to install upgrades in 6 slots, while most ships on level IV have only 2 slots
  • Texas has one of the best AA defenses on the level
  • Arizona stands out with good accuracy and range of MG 
  • Massachusetts has effective and long range secondaries and quickly rechargeable consumable - Repair Party
  • Alabama has a well-protected citadel and excellent maneuverability for battleship
  • Missouri is strong with the unique to battleships consumable - radar

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