October 30, 2018

World of Warships Devs: Alaska Raised Citadel

ST: American Cruiser Alaska Raised Citadel

American Cruiser Alaska:

In the previous publication about cruiser 'Alaska'  we talked about an increase to the number of hit points in the internal compartments and that it was not possible for us to raise the citadel due to the modelling. But following player discussion, we found information about a missed armored deck that is placed lower than we expected, and we can now raise the citadel to an acceptable level above the waterline.

In light of this, the cruisers citadel has been raised and the previous scheduled changes to the internal compartments have been cancelled.

We want to say thanks for all players who participated in the discussion and helped us identify this oversight.

This change will bring the survivability and other parameters associated with the viability of the ship to the norm at its level, while maintaining the unique elements of gameplay in this cruiser.